Thursday, July 31, 2008

Oh next to my home...

UPdate! One of our girls was saved tonight! YAY!!! It was an answer to a prayer that Stephen and I had been praying. She was so excited. So, we are leaving with all of our kids (except the one 7 year old) saved. It really is a wonderful thing!!!

Only 1 night left!! YAY!!!!!

I have to confess that I give camp a bad time.
All the things I wrote about last time that I don't like about camp are still true. But this week 3 of the 12 kids we brought to camp have been saved, 7 of the kids we brought to camp were already Christians and one of the 12 is 7 and isn't involved in all the "big kid" activities because he, like my D&D, is not old enough to participate.

So to make that easier to figure out (because I just read it, and even I got lost!) Out of the 5 unsaved kids we brought to camp- 3 of them have been saved!!! WOO-HOO!!!!!

So it has been worth:the smelliness of the cabin,
the yucky taste and texture of what must surely be boiled hamburger patties( I didn't even know that could be done-YUCK!)
the hot, sweaty and sticky days
having to reuse towels
staying in a room with three 7 year old boys and one 4 year old girl (that will NOT stop peeing in her pants!!!UGH!!!)
and just the absence of my home.

It really has.
These children were so excited to finally make the decision to let Jesus be Lord of their lives. And we were so excited to be with them when they did it!!!

So, YAY Siloam. I refuse to sing the song, but God's work is still being done here.

If you have any extra money laying around, send it here-there is a lot of work that needs to be done to update this place. I'm pretty sure if you haven't been here in 20 years, the only thing that has changed is the sanctuary. Although it looks like they paint the pavillions every few years, because I can't find my name on one of them and I'm pretty sure I proudly wrote my name on pavillion 12 in circa 1984. Good times!!!
We leave tomorrow and I am looking forward to being home, yet dreading the laundry that will have to be done. I'm thinking the laundry mat might be my hangout Saturday!



Anonymous said...

I will say that Siloam was never my favorite place either. Although I always found a boyfriend while I was there....
But in the long run, Siloam was and is there to reach young people for the Lord.
So just know that you CAN outgrow Siloam...You don't always have to go..yea!!!

Tara said...

Julie, you crack me up. I have to say that I share your feelings for camp. However my experiences were in Daniel Springs Texas back in the good ole days. When no one could wear shorts and it was 110 degrees. The showers were slick with moldy goo and no A/C. You are definitely a better woman than me! However I will admit that being a witness to children being saved makes it worth it.


Ms. Beth said...

For all you mean to me and our family, I will come help you wash! You are so refreshing, Julie! Thanks for your candor! (Is that a word?) I love you, my friend!
Ms. Beth

Anonymous said...

Cant get my email to work. Can come tuesday with my childrens if still okay. Thats my birthday present to you:-) call you monday