Saturday, July 5, 2008

What we did today

Would you like to know what we did today?
Of course you would!!!
We headed to Little Rock to the zoo, with a stop off for a picnic lunch. Stephen stopped at KFC(which is a restaurant I try not to step foot in. Not because the food isn't good-it is good-but because I have never been in a clean KFC), and got their chicken wings. Man were they good! They have all the spice of a hot chicken wing, but none of the mess. I highly recommend them. Just go thru the drivethru to get them.
We then were off to the zoo. Anna had never been to a zoo before. She thought the zoo had clowns (she had it confused with the circus), how sad is that-she's 4. I could be a horrible mother for that. D & D hadn't been to a zoo since they were 2 and that day was a memory I don't want to ever relive! (Right Abby Jo?)
So, off we go to the zoo. We weren't there 30 minutes and heard thunder. And yes, it rained and rained and rained. We got so tired of sitting in the cafe and waiting for it to stop raining that we got out and looked at the animals in the rain. Some of them were actually glad to see us. I think they wanted to see what humans looked like that weren't smart enough to get out of the rain!
All the kids loved the zoo. It isn't a very impressive zoo, but if you haven't been to one in 5 years, or EVER, then it looks pretty good. I of course loved the elephants (it's in my blood), and the kids loved the grizzly bear( which is also in my blood!) We had a good family day.
Somedays I agree with people that think 4 children is too many, but not today. Today 4 children seemed just the right amount. Seeing smiles, hearing laughter, and hearing "I love you Mom" being said just because on of them walked up next to me, what can get better than that times 4? NOTHING!!!!!

A short synopsis of yesterday:
bbq disaster in the storm, no ribs to eat, only smoked butt(that if my dad had had a smoker he would have taught us how to fix), thunder, lightning, and blowing rain at the pool, no beans, great fireworks in our yard! Wish you could have been here for all that, you would have laughed your socks off and maybe even your shoes!


Anonymous said...

I did both .... laughed and smiled at all the antics of your last two days!

Anonymous said...

The above was from yfa (tbeo)!

Sisters said...

I love the pics from that trip to the zoo. That was the most awful day, really. Thank goodness for Rand's truck!