Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Few Of My Favorite Beauty Aids - ( Abby)

Aussie Sprunch Spray
This is my most favorite chemical in the free world.
Those who love me best have it stuck to their bathroom floor.
It gives my curls the perfect hold, bounce and shine.
The perfect, most wonderful way to flatten my curly Afro
Lip Smacker
I apply before bed each night and
have fruit filled visions all night long.
It is my most favorite scent.
It truly evokes happiness in my soul.
Great not only for that clean ear feeling,
but for eye make-up application and nail polish messes.



Anonymous said...

Oh good grief, I can smell that Aussie spray just thinking about it!!!


Sisters said...

Randall says it smells like the pink air freshner in the urinal at the Flying J! (crack me up!)
Remember when it smelled like grapes? I wish they still made it with that grapey and tastey smell.

Lindsey Watson said...

girl, i bought some sprunch spray in the aerosol version, and thought of you when i sprayed it for the first time the other day. that grape smell can only be abby jo! and yes, i can feel you on the lip smackers!!! berry heavenly....for life! :) lol!!