Tuesday, July 22, 2008

David is home!

Stephen made the switch today at noon. He picked up David and dropped off Daniel.

I didn't see Stephen drive up with David. I just heard the door open and heard David's sweet voice, I immediately smiled. He hugged me tight and long. It was really wonderful!

I walked through the living room a little while later and stepped over him lying on the floor. I said "I missed your face." It dawned on me that he and Daniel have just about the same face, but I missed David's face.

Strange that I would have one boy running around the house with the same face as the one that was running around Ft Smith and I still missed that face.

I am missing that face again, except this time it is Daniel's face. I won't see it until Saturday, but I will see a look alike until then. Not the real thing, but pretty close.

I'm anxious to see how David sleeps tonight. I'll be sure and let you know.



Sisters said...

I grinned just picturing that sweet smile coming through your back door. LOVE MY BABIES!

Anonymous said...

Julie, you just must be the best mother ever! You have a heart of gold.