Monday, March 24, 2008

He Moved Out

That sounds sad doesn't it? Rand moved to Jonesboro this morning and took most all his clothes, his XBox, his hats, his shoes, his travel mugs, his snacks, coffee stuff, basically all his everyday stuff. It is really sort of strange to have all that stuff gone and knowing it will never be back here in this home.
I am so happy for my Rand and hope this day has gone as well as he expected. He was not nervous, sad or worried. He was excited and happy. I love that he can start in a new place and a new job confident and full of joy. God has blessed that sweet man so much these past few months.
So, I am here waiting on the real estate agent to put the house up for sale and trying not to make any messes in this way too clean house.
Today I was off work for Easter Monday. I shopped at my favorite store and bought myself 2 new dresses. I then bought b-day clothes for D&D, bought supplies for a diaper cake and made a Sonic drink run. It has been a good and laid back day.
It is pretty quiet here and it is becoming less like home, especially since my Rand moved out. Maybe it is good that I am able to break away slowly. I think God knows that is what is best and I really appreciate his care for me. His blessings amaze me.
Jules has been my little angel today. We have talked too many times to count. I think she expected me to be sad today, but I'm not...not yet anyway. I am excited about the future and just so glad Rand has found his happy place.
I must go run to the post office now. Rand's tennis shoes are in and I missed the delivery. I guess I will have to go see him this weekend and take him his shoes. Now, that sounds like a good plan!



cindy said...

Hey Abby! We went through this when we moved to Miami, I know how you feel. But,you're strong, girl!And this will soon pass.You will find a great job in Jonesboro.
(We will probably be coming to the ASU/FIU football game since that is Joe's alma mater - FIU!!)