Thursday, March 6, 2008

I was sick too!!!

Because of Abby's posting about how wonderful her parents are, I felt compelled, no commanded to tell my side of the story.
Yes, it is true that we grew up in the same home with the same people, however I don't remember comic books or Osco sacks. I have no recollection of being sick or being comforted as a child. The first time I remember throwing up I was in jr high.
I do remember having horrible stomach problems and going to the doctor as a child and being put on a special diet that required rice flour(which was hard to come by in the 70's in Arkansas), my mom would by special made cookies and my Granny bought rice flour to make her wonderful hot rolls just for me(those hot rolls are a post unto themselves!) So I did get some special treatment, but I don't know if it was as good as Abby's, I'll have to do more thinking about that!!

Now, as a teenager I remember having some GI tests done. Dad and Abby went out to eat the night before, and mother fixed us(mom and me) hot chicken broth in good china bowls with candlelight, it was a gross meal but made quite special by mother. I also remember having to drink that yuck drink that night and me crying and mom rubbing my back lovingy. What a Mom!

A few years later, I went for my first dr appt (girls, you know what I mean) and my Mamaw and Uncle David came up from Texas to sit in the waiting room with me. How sweet it that?! And when I had my laporoscopy, they came back again and sat in the waiting room with mom and dad, again, how sweet is that?
While taking shots to stop my endometriosis I had the worst hot flashes and my mom and dad would make sure that I had a cold wet washcloth on my headboard every night(and I was 20!). And Stephen would endure my need for wet papertowels during a movie (good guy!).

So I remember being comforted by my parents too. And if the stories aren't proof enough, the way I hug, love, kiss, and hold my children when they are sick would be proof! As a child(or teenager in my case) I loved being held & loved on by my parents, but as a parent I love, even more, holding and loving my children when they are sick.