Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A cartoon world

At our church we have a childrens story time during the worship service. Jeremy,the youth minister(a single guy, if anyone would like to know) gives all the kids candy and tells them a Bible truth. When Jeremy comes down from the choir to sit on the steps of the podium all the kids get up and run-walk down the aisle to him.

My last words to my 3 are "don't run and don't say anything". I am so nervous that my kids are going to blurt out some family secret that we are going to have to pack up and move as soon as we get home!

This past Sunday was no different. The kids go up there, no running, I was so proud. After handing out their candy, Jeremy asks who their favorite cartoon character is, and my darling, beautiful little girl raises her hand and says "my momma" and then looks back with such pride on her face and points at me. Jeremy laughs and repeats it for any of the hard of hearing adults in the crowd. Just imagine me!

The kids come back to their seats, and Daniel says"Anna said you were a cartoon character!" As if I didn't know and as if the people sitting around me hadn't heard it the first or second time. UGH!!

Fast forward to Sunday night. I had taken down a flyer about an open house at the pregnancy crisis center and put it in my purse. During church, Anna took it out and looked at it. It had 3 pictures on it and one of them was of a blonde lady with a baby. Anna says"thats my mother!"

Aside- Anna talks about her "mother" a lot. This person is not me, when you ask her where her "mother" lives she says "straight then left by the dentist in Pine Bluff." I don't know!

She takes this piece of paper and after church shows people this picture of her "mother". Both at church and at the mexican restaurant after church. She was so proud, she couldn't wait to show her daddy. Me either!!

My only hope that day was that during the childrens time that morning Anna said "my mother" and not "my momma". But we all know the truth, I am living in a cartoon world. And I don't even like cartoons!


Sisters said...

That child is so odd! :)

Nathan and Emily said...

I am sitting here cracking up! That is so funny. Gotta love little girls with big imaginations!

Anonymous said...

I am laughing so hard I have tears running. She is so precious and I don't know that I have ever met her. The saying is "Out of the mouth of babes." Enjoy and cherish these precious memories of her childhood.
Diana Rives

Anonymous said...

Crack me up!


Anonymous said...

she is tooooo funny. what an imagination. she reminds me of abby ( i'm sorry )


Anonymous said...

I believe She will be a great novelist one day. We better watch out 'cause we may be the characters.
What a girl!
love, Mamaw