Sunday, March 2, 2008

I weighed!!

Yesterday we met my in-laws in Little Rock for a tad bit of shopping and a whole lot of eating. While together, they gave us their old set of scales because they got new ones.
Get this!! I weighed on them today to see their accuracy and-are you ready?- I weighed 68 pounds!! I even checked to make sure it said lb beside the number and it did! I haven't weighed 68 pounds since elementary school, so I am thrilled to be back to this weight again!
Oh-if only scales didn't lie!



Anonymous said...

there are times when used things are good, etc. clothes, furniture, cars, houses, but i think old scales aren't one of them. why did they want to get rid of them?? ha :)


Sisters said...

I agree with the mother...why would anyone get rid of such awesome scales??