Monday, March 17, 2008

"We Just Got HGTV'ed,Baby!"

That was my response when the Realtor left our home this evening. All I can say is, "Wow". I have spent the last week streamlining and depersonalizing our home. We have cleaned everything from top to bottom, painted walls, re grouted floors and washed the outside of the house. The house was pretty clean and in order before all the work.
This real estate lady comes in tonight and spends an hour telling me what to paint, what to pack up, what to rearrange, what to plant and dig up, how to organize my closets, where to put my furniture, etc. Amazing. I was in awe. I thought Rand was going to rip her a new one but she left in time, lucky for her!
I have spent the rest of the evening talking to Mama, Jules, Melissa and my neighbors trying to make sense of all that she told us. I have laughed until it hurts. If you only knew all that she told us to do. Truly comical. I think we will make some of her minor recommendations but the rest will have to remain as is. We aren't renting a storage unit and moving out of a house we have to live in for the time being. People will either want the house or not. Whether my linens are in the right closet or my hydrangea bush is in the right place shouldn't cost us a deal.
Rand says we aren't using that woman to sell our home (you can only imagine what he really said. When she told him to move his grill and to pressure wash his gutters, I thought I was going to have to hold him down. So funny!).
I think I will use her though. She will sell this house before the other agent will. She had passion and that is important. A bit over the top maybe but she was taking it more serious than the agent did on Saturday. We have to choose between the two of them. It is going to be fun trying to decide which one to go with.
I want a sign in the yard by Friday. I am not holding my breath though. Fun times!



Anonymous said...

I'm sure your house looks fine and it will sell fast. I know that you really would like to move with Rand. Anyway I think the more personal the house the faster it will sell but what do I know.
Love you