Friday, March 28, 2008

Dentists and mothers

I took the boys to the dentist Tuesday. The hygenist called David back first and I told her that he had a loose tooth. When he came back to me-this is how he looked. No wonder I could hear him crying. Poor thing, but the tooth fairy came, so all is well again. Samuel also had a loose tooth, but I didn't get a chance to let them know that because I was consoling his brother. Samuel came back to me with all of his teeth in tact. He said he didn't dare tell them he had a loose tooth! It pays to go last at the dentist!!!

While at the dentist I was reminded that Anna's mother lived nearby.
Anna's mother(movver) is an imaginary person. It is not me, or anyone else that we know. At
times Anna's mother has been in Star City, but I've not ever seen her.
When we left the dentist I asked Anna to show me where her mother lived and she took me right to a house that we had only seen one other time. Scary! Last night Anna came up to me and hugged my legs( I do love that!) and said "I love these pants!" (They are my flannel pj pants I got from Abby for Christmas) "my movver has some of these!"
Wednesday, Anna announced that it was her mother's birthday. I asked if she was taking a present to the party, she rolled her eyes at me and put her hands on her hips(where does she learn this behavior?) and said "I'm making her these cards!" I thought that I would be spending the day chauffeuring my daughter to her imaginary mothers birthday party, but the party got postponed until Saturday!!!

I will address the monkey issue briefly. I'm sorry it got thrown away, but we all must face disappointments handed to us by the most well-intentioned of people. So-lets just let sleeping monkeys lie.


Sisters said...

I love that sweet little mouth!
Aunt Abby

Anonymous said...

which one? Julie's or Anna's??