Saturday, March 22, 2008

First of many

I'm sure there will many pictures of Easter weekend posted here. This is just the first.

Anna and I are waiting on the boys to get home from their week away, so we made this bunny cake. It isn't the bunny cake that I usually make, I kinda winged it this year, and tried something different. I know I am no competition for Abby, but I gave it a try!!!
Happy Easter!!!


Sisters said...

Twinkies for the ears? Very creative, sis!
It sort of reminds me of the bunny cake Mama made for us every year. I miss that! :(
You should add coconut to make the bunny hairy....just a little suggestion from the cake lady! ha.

Anonymous said...

it's adorable! You did so good! Did you make my homemade icing??
Happy Easter! LOVE YOU!