Sunday, March 23, 2008

More Easter pictures

I told you there would be more pictures coming! I am keeping my word.

Yesterday after the boys got home we had an Easter scavenger hunt. The boys looked for a nail, palm leaves, a hammer, sticks, etc... and then we talked about what they had in common and where they each took place in the Easter story. They thought it was fun, and I thought it was educational, we all felt good!
This morning all the kids woke up to baskets outside their bedroom doors. They were so excited! The Easter Bunny(EB) had never done that before, and they liked it. I had to tell Anna that the EB had called and asked me to buy the stuff for the baskets and fill the baskets for him so that I could buy the stuff while she was with me. Then Daniel went in my room last night, opened up the closet door and saw all the EB loot. He told me he thought I probably was the EB, I told him that the EB had dropped everything off at our house and asked for my help. He said "yeah, okay" but I think the only reason he acted like he believed is because he knew if you don't believe you don't get anything!!
So here is the serious Easter picture and then the picture that the kids always ask for- the crazy picture. Next time I'll tell you about the Easter presents!
Remember to pray for Abby and Randall, this is a big transition for them.


Sisters said...

The coordination ended up working out cute as always. I want Anna's dress in my size. See if the have it a KK, okay?!
I now want a picture of you in your Easter it to me!

Happy Easter, Sis!

Anonymous said...

A very precious family. I really wish that I knew y'all better. I would love to be an aunt to them just like Abs.
Diana Rives

Anonymous said...

What beautiful kids! And what a fun scavenger hunt with a true meaning! You are a great mom!

And Abby Jo... if you are out there... you are in my prayers.

Love ya girls. Ya'll are the best.

YFAJ (tbeo)

Anonymous said...

Abby said, "I now want a picture of you in your Easter it to me!" There will be no pictures made of Julia in her Easter dress. She had an Easter dress. In fact I know personally that her husband shopped for 2 weeks to find an Easter dress. Then her adoring husband bought her an Easter dress. But, for some reason, the Easter dress wasn't worn on Easter. After talking with Stephen, the adoring husband, I understand the Easter dress will be returned. He said something about buying the original Easter dress Julia tryed on. I think he like it better.

cindy said...

Christopher says hi to Samuel, Daniel, David, and Anna, and their mom. Call us anytime he says. He liked the pictures..

Sisters said...

Stephen "the adoring husband", we know it's you! :) And that would be a big "NO" on the pink dress. Be nice to my sister!