Friday, March 14, 2008

Happy Spring Break!

If all you guys are wondering why I keep posting and we aren't hearing anything from Abby it is because she is working, working, working!! Poor thing, she is sending her resume to anyone that she can think of, cleaning her house to make it look its absolute best(which I can't imagine would be very hard), and trying to enjoy her week of spring break. So you guys are stuck with me!

This is the last day of school before spring break, we are so excited!! I am making the kids do as much school work as I can today, but I'm not teaching them anything new. I'm sure they would forget anything I taught them today if not reviewed for a week. I know I would.

It looks as if we are headed to Ft Smith for a few days. Stephen hasn't been in a while, and we couldn't think of much else to do for just a couple of days. Saturday, Stephen and I are going to the Newsboys/Rush of Fools concert in Little Rock with a couple from church and their two children. I'll let you know how it is. We haven't seen the Newsboys since I was pregnant with Samuel. It was so loud, I just knew Samuel would have hearing problems after that. I had to stand in the foyer of the church the concert was in because it was so loud, and I wasn't even very old then!HA!

Oh, Anna's dress came in from Kelly's Kids! It is just as cute as I thought it would be. Marmie sent some of the cutest white shoes I've seen to go with it. She is going to be so cute, I just can't wait!!! Papa sent Samuel's pink polo, so we are set now! He looks so nice in pink, what a handsome 10 year old.

Happy spring break to all!!!!


Sisters said...

I can't wait to put my Easter 2008 pic of the fab four on my fridge in NEA!
"Tante Abby"