Saturday, January 24, 2009

Odds and Ends

Settling down in Byhalia-2004
We have been on this journey for almost a year now. I have been reflecting a lot lately. I am sure I will post about it more as it comes to the surface a bit more. I get tears in my eyes when I see how much God has blessed us with this move, after I feared it so much. I miss my "old life" and some days I wish we were there because it was so much easier, but it was not near this much fun!

One of my best travel memories - Alcatraz
As much as we don't do it, we love to travel together. We loved eating the best lobster at Landry's in Branson after a big game of mini golf, falling down in Union Square in San Francisco after touring Alcatraz, shopping at the markets in Mexico because another day on the beach would have turned us into leather, and now we are headed to D.C.
Neither of us have ever been. Please let us know if you have suggestions for us, etc. We already have our hotel booked and have an idea of what we will tour, etc. We are waiting to hear if we get to tour the White House. If you have an "in" there, PLEASE let me know. I want to see the new Target decor Michelle has picked out.

The Rives Boys
Duck season comes to an end tomorrow. This time of year is very active at our house. It has been extra active this year because we now live so much closer to Rand's family. They hunt together and are very tight knit when it comes to killing the beloved duck. I love it because they are bonding and loving each other, but not realizing it. I am not always fond of the duck remains that end up in the trash or the endless amount of duck breasts in my deep freezer, but it makes my man happy and we all know that makes the little lady happy!
Paula Raffo makes me laugh outloud
Our supper club starts tonight, and my friend Paula is the host this month.
God has blessed us more than I can express with friendship. We struggled finding our friendly place in Memphis/Byhalia. Growing up, I had friends like crazy and was a social butterfly. It is so nice to have that part of me back. It makes my heart smile.
Our supper club consists of 3 of our couple friends and us. we are all Jonesboro transplants and have lots in common. We will meet once a month and each couple hosts their month. Paula is having us meet at a BBQ place tonight because her windows have her 2 year old hand prints all over them and she can't get them cleaned and cook. I love her for being so real. It makes me laugh to think about it. I love laughing.
Look at all this cool scrapbook stuff!
My blog friend, Julie (not my sister...another Julie) cleaned out her scrapbook stuff and mailed me some of the things she was going to discard. I must say that it was most exciting to open the box last night when I got home. She mailed it to my house and it was waiting on me at the door. How fun! Thank you so much, Julie. I hope we can meet in real life sometime soon. I grew up with Julie's husband but have never met her. I love the blog is such a small world.


Mandy said...

I love DC!!! Now I drive Chuck and the kids crazy every time something is on that was filmed there by exclaiming, "I saw that!" "I stood there"!!! (I went with a group of teachers) We took a tour on a trolley- I think it was called Moonlight tours- it was fabulous! Definitely use the metro- scary, but quicker than walking everywhere! Wait, you've done Memphis- nothing can scare you!! Buy the metro card- if you are there more than a couple of days it will save you money.

Green Acres said...

Wow! Look at all that scrapbook stuff! What a nice sister;)