Friday, January 16, 2009

You made it a choice

The other day I was reading a friend's blog and a quote jumped out at me. The quote was regarding attending worship services on Sunday night. The girls were talking about whether they should start going back to those services and wondering why they had stopped. One lady said "you made it a choice."
That has stuck with me for days now. I know some of you attend churches that don't have Sunday night or Wednesday night services. But for those of us that do attend churches that have 3 services a week, why don't you go to church? When did you make it a choice and not a commitment? I know there are times when it seems like Sunday is the only day you can run to the mall or the grocery store or you don't want to have to get the kids and yourself dressed for just an hour of preaching. Or maybe you think that only old people go to church on Sunday nights and Wednesday nights. And that maybe true, but do you know why? Because they didn't make it a choice, they made it a commitment.
Before you start thinking I am bashing you and saying "hey look at me". I will say that I do attend every service. But I have made it a choice, rather than a commitment, to read my Bible everyday. And unlike church attendance, God does ask that we, as Christians, stay in communication with Him, and the best way to do that is through reading the Bible.
So, I am asking myself when did I make Bible reading and telling others about Jesus a choice? When did it stop being a commitment? When did I decide I knew what was best for my life without consulting God? I don't remember when it happened, I just know it did and I know it needs to change back to a commitment.


Green Acres said...

Great post Julie. Our little church doesn't have a Sun. night or Wed. night service. Maybe I'll head on over and join you one night.

hsmomma5 said...

I am glad my post inspired you! It is so true and that has been YEARS ago and it still rings in my ears. (Oh, and BTW--it was Jen's mom that said that!). When we moved and started going to a new church, I quit letting attendance be a choice and I can tell the difference for sure!