Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sisters Q & A

Updated with questions and answers below!! Keep 'em coming!

We always hear "How are you two so close if you are eight years apart?", "How are y'all so close, living so far away from one another?" "I wish my girls could love each other like you two love each other!", "Y'all look just alike" or "Y'all look nothing alike"., "How can two girls be so different, yet just alike, and be so close?!".... and the list goes on. Well, we are going to help answer these questions and let you learn more about our sisterhood.

Once or twice a week we will post a Sisters Q&A. We want to know what YOU want to know about US (within reason, please)...leave a comment and tell us! (Yes, you lurkers, leave us a comment...we know you are out there and plentiful!) We will make you laugh and hopefully help you understand what makes us tick. This will also possibly help you with your sister or your daughter relationships. So, what do you want to know about the Sisters???

Abby and Julie

Question 1
Q: Ok, so I have to know--who was sneakier growing up? (I have a good idea, but only having met half of you...) ;)

A: (Abby's answer) I was, I cannot deny it...I am still sneaky in a lot of ways, good ways, but still sneaky.
(Julie's answer) I agree with Abby's answer. And Trish, the question was about when we were growING up, not grown up!! HA!LOL!! I can have my sneaky moments too.

Question 2
Q: Abby - did you look up to your sister and take her things just to be like her? :) My youngest daughter does this, and it drives my oldest crazy! Obviously it's done in true admiration, lol.

Abby's Answer:We fought a lot growing up. We shared a room for a while when I was in late elementary and she was in high school. I am in awe at how we ever survived. Anyway, I got on her nerves, as you can imagine. I loved her though. She was skinny, pretty, cute and had cute boy and girl friends. I thought she was "it". I remember trying to wear her shoes to school. I would stick cotton balls in them to make them fit. She had a silver pair of penny loafers that I loved and a pair of flats that had a big parrot on them. So yes, I took her things, I reckon. She never liked me using her stuff or wearing her shoes with cotton balls in them. We survived though and we can laugh about it. They will laugh one day too.

Julie's Answer: We did fight a lot!! I never saw her bugging me, taking my things, wanting to be with me and my friends as admiration. I saw it as a little sister bugging the heck out of her big sister. Now, I look back on it and see it for what it was, admiration of a really terrific older sister. Ok, so maybe that is taking it too far!
Abby and I didn't REALLY get along until I moved out of the house. I know that doesn't offer you much hope, but I will say that had I been more mature it would have been better for both of us (and the rest of the family.) I tend(ed) to be selfish and didn't really want to share my things or my time with her. Had I been living out my faith in Jesus instead of just going through the motions, our relationship would have been better, because I would have seen her need for a big sister instead of seeing a bratty little sister.
I was at a ballgame last night, and I could not take my eyes off of one of the cheerleaders from the other team. She was a beautiful girl but she had the most unhappy look about her the whole night. She would go through the motions of the cheers, but only give it as much effort as she had to and she wouldn't even say the cheers. As I sat in the bleachers and prayed for her, I realized I used to act like that. I would walk around with such a sour look on my face, only thinking about myself. Had I just looked at others, offered to help someone else, prayed for someone else my whole disposition would have changed, my attitude toward my family and friends would have changed. Oh, how life and relationships would have been different.
I know this is more than you asked, but hey! I was on a roll!


hsmomma5 said...

Ok, so I have to know--who was sneakier growing up? (I have a good idea, but only having met half of you...) ;)

Anonymous said...

Let me answer that question about who was "sneakier" growing up.
Can you spell "ABBY JO ?
Hope that answers your question.

Trish said...

I was kind of suprised by the last answer since Julie was the one who hid all of Abbie's stuff. Still laughing about that one, and am going to do it to my sister. My sister and myself are 15 years apart and we are very close. Although, she is kind of like a mother to me.

Green Acres said...

Yay! I'm so happy you're going to do this! I'll try hard not to bombard you with questions. Because, you know I have many, lol.

Abby - did you look up to your sister and take her things just to be like her? :) My youngest daughter does this, and it drives my oldest crazy! Obviously it's done in true admiration,lol.

Anonymous said...

Darn, Julie...you don't need to be so tough on yourself. You did alright growing up. If we all would practice our faith in Jesus just think how much better the entire world would be. And, yes, I clearly remember those parrot shoes. There were times when I wanted to wear them, too. I saw a guy at Little Rock Parkview's gym at a basketball game back in the 80s who was wearing a pair just like yours. Made me jealous and proud at the same time.
Yo Daddy

Green Acres said...

Thanks sisters! This is so encouraging to read, and interesting and funny too. I loved the cotton in the shoes. I could see my youngest doing that to her big sis. I'm really enjoying the Q & A! Thanks!