Sunday, January 4, 2009

Boring. Bland. Blah.

Now that the Christmas decor is down; my house is empty. Boring. Bland. Blah. I have had seasonal decor out since we moved in. I had fall and then Christmas...and a lot of both. It is too early for Easter and I refuse to decorate for Valentine's Day. I have spread out all 1500 square feet of decor in this 3000 square foot home and it is not doing the trick. I am now realizing we need to take a little shopping trip to Kirkland's and Hobby Lobby. It makes me anxious and those of you who really know me can only imagine my anxiety with all the blandness (is that a word) and then the impending trip to buy things.
"I am blessed to have the home". This is what I keep telling myself as I look at empty shelves and tables.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post, I was having withdrawals! HaHa

Michael said...

You need a child or two and then you won't have any space... trust me.

RockiesRazorback said...

I sympathize, Abby! My friends keep saying how sad my house looks now that all the decorations are put away.