Friday, January 9, 2009

Striking Gold

You will think this is fun...or at least I think it is and it is my blog (and my sister's too....hopefully she will find it fun).

I was digging through my jewelry chest last week trying to find a fun gold bracelet to wear. I rarely wear gold but am bringing it back, a bit at a time. Anyway, I opened the bottom drawer to see if by chance there was anything in my "keepsake" drawer. It holds my great grandmother's clip on hat earrings that I loved to play with when I was little, my choir pen from church, a charm necklace from a wedding I was in when I was 5, diet coke bottle cap earrings I wore in junior high and LOVED, a gaudy charm bracelet that has "A" all over that a leukemia patient gave me, etc. Anyway, you get the drift.

Well hidden in a mesh bag was this gold link bracelet with a heart charm on it. I said "Ah-ha! we have stuck gold". It was a bracelet that my Daddy bought my Meemaw for Mother's Day in 1973. It had "Mother" engraved in really pretty cursive. you cannot really even tell it says "Mother". It looks like a design, really. Then on the back it is engraved, "Love, Bob 5-13-73". I wore it that day and had people stopping me asking me if my husband bought me that for Christmas, complimenting it, etc. I then looked in my magazine and online and that bracelet is hot stuff these days. Redbook was giving one away last week that cost $175. Daddy assures me he did not pay that much for it in 1973! I honestly have no idea why I have this bracelet, but then again, Meemaw gave me just about anything I wanted when I batted my eyes real pretty like. I am sure I asked for it at one time or another while growing up and she passed along to me. So, I am now rocking out Meemaw's bracelet in style, my fine friends. I love it

P.S. To cut out any confusion for those who read this and have history with this bracelet - this is not the actual one in the picture above, yet it looks very similar.



Lindsey Watson said...

i "heart" that bracelet! (pun intended) i really do like it! :) look at you, bringing the 70's back!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you found that and are wearing it. It would look great with you watch! And I know Wilma is proud!

Anonymous said...

Glad we finally found that bracelet. On her deathbed in February of 2002 she made me promise that I would give that bracelet to Julie. I thought it was lost forever. So, Abs, do the right thing.

Sisters said...

Daddy is only kidding. I have people emailing me asking me if he is for real. Have you met Bob? Then no need to ask. Enough said.

Anonymous said...

I can not believe folks are emailing and asking if I was serious about the bracelet. Wow, you are right, AJL, those people don't know me very well. I had forget I even bought the bracelet for Wilma until you told me on the phone last week that you had found it. I can't remember what I did saturday...much less May 13, 1973.
Love you,