Sunday, January 18, 2009


We decided to go to church this morning and start seriously looking for a church to call home (Make it a "commitment"). We were all inspired and ready. It is though the devil was behind us laughing all the way. We got there and it was over...the service was over. I had not researched the times since before Christmas and they had changed the service time. It makes you want to laugh a little, but it made me want to cry. So, we came on home and decided to turn on the Christian iTunes and paint. So, here we are singing real loud and painting. I guess we can worship just as well here as we would there. Not my plan, but we detoured and made the best of it. I hope the devil went on down the road. I wish not to encounter him anymore today. He gets on my nerves!


Leigh Ann said...

oh, don't you hate that....I can remember Doug and I trying to get serious and start going to took a while, but of course now we love serving there. Satan has a clear intention here! good luck next week.