Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"It sounded like bombs going off"

That is what Abby said when I talked to her just a few moments ago.

They have been without power since last evening and when the limbs of their trees would snap and fall she said it sounded like bombs going off. They are safe and sound, playing card games and telling stories. They have been to Walmart to buy batteries (and who knows what else) and said the line at Mickey D's was really long.

She said over 80% of the town is without power and all the shelters are full. Please be in prayer for those people who are without power and without a place to go. Pray for warmth and peace.

Our cousins Sarah and Brandon, the parents of the beautiful Grace and Molly, are also without power.

We here in South Arkansas are doing just fine. There is no ice, no rain, no sunshine, just a little cold. But above freezing. Stephen thinks he will be called out to do disaster relief work somewhere in the state soon. He works on the chainsaw crew and cuts down and moves downed trees. A wonderful service of the Arkansas Baptist State Convention. Go Baptists!!

Feel free to leave warm well wishes and even recipes they can use on their gas grill for Abby and even Sarah and Brandon. I will be sure to pass them along until they get power.

Stay warm!!! Julie

This is Abby. We came to Diana & Rick's for the night. They are Rand's aunt and uncle. They live about 45 minutes south of us and had power. We are staying warm, playing with the new baby, eating Diana's home cooking and surfing the Internet. Nice! I am thankful that we have them and could come here and stay. It is a very bad situation in Jonesboro and the surrounding areas. It is going to be very cold tonight and there are a lot of people without places to go. Please say a special prayer for all of these people tonight before you get in your cozy, warm beds. We have major tree devastation in our yard and all down our street. It is going to be an expensive and exhaustive clean-up. Thank you for your phone calls, texts and emails today.



Anonymous said...

Strawberry milkshake grilled salmon
Take a piece of raw salmon and soak it in strawberry milkshake for two hours.
Let it soak in refrigerator.
after soaking for two hours, throw the salmon away and drink the milkshake.
shortcut: don't use the salmon at all. just drink the milkshake.
I have other recipes if needed.

Green Acres said...

Glad you are warm and cozy now Abby! Praying you get to go home soon! And for those affected by the storm.