Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hide & Seek

My sister has me on a wild game of hide & seek.... in my own house... and she is not even here! You see, I am anal about my things - especially the placement of my things. So, at Christmas she hid things from me. My house was crazy with decor and people, so it was the prime time to do it. She warned me she did, but I paid her no attention because she is always full of empty threats. Well, she did it! Tough thing, she can't remember what all she hid. She promises me whatever is hidden is all in the same spot. I just have to find the spot. She is so mean to me. MAMA!!!!


Trish said...

Abby, you know I love you girl! BUT that is stinking hilarious! I may still that idea w/ my sister...funny!

Green Acres said...

I'm sorry Abby, but that is funny. Jules, you are one tricky sister!LOL