Thursday, January 8, 2009

Cuss Jar

Randall supervises a group of temporary workers. It was a shock to his system last Spring when he was introduced to them. I am actually still in shock and I have never met a single one of them. They are a mix of high school drop outs and professional temporary workers. There are also 2 college students who help bring hope to the group.
After almost a year of being under their "curse", Randall decided to take on a new role with these people. He introduced the Cuss Jar. 50 cents for all words except GD and the F word...those cost $1.
The jar sits on Randall's desk. To get to the jar, they have to walk past everyone else. They hate walking past Ms. Libby. They feel shamed. Randall loves shaming them. Yesterday one of the guys had to pay his 50 cents in pennies and one of the ladies said,"My! Someone was really been talking dirty today!" Well, Randall said today that guy did not cuss at all. It broke him. Ah, Success!
One of the other guys has a "tab". He got paid today so Randall told him he had to pay his tab in the morning before he starts work. We will see what happens.
It is hilarious. I love the daily updates and Randall loves the cleaner conversations. Now, they are still a bit trashy and have their wives dump their belongings in the parking lot at work from time to time, get fired for having meth in their system during random drug tests, steal each others girls friends and then quit for fear of being beat up at work, etc...but at least their language is a bit cleaner.
And yes, Randall does work with more classy folk than these fear. We did not move just to fill up cuss jars in Northeast Arkansas, I promise! It is one of the many things he does...his most unfavorite thing, as you can probably imagine.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, we are rolling in the floor. Tell him that I am sooooo proud of him for being an example for these guys.
Love y'all

Green Acres said...

Wow! That jar is FULL! LOL I love the new layout - it looks great!

Lindsey Watson said...

lol!! good for Randall! what is he going to do with the money? throw a party?? :)

Anonymous said...

How proud I am of Rand! I love this new blog, but then I commented the other day. I must still not know how. Hope you see this.