Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ice Drama 2009 Update

This is what our yard looked like yesterday morning when we woke up. I have not seen it today because we have chosen to stay with Rick & Diana another night. We still have no power. My work has power, but Randall's does not. We will head back in the morning so I can work and hopefully he can start cleaning up the yard. We plan to visit our old neighbors over the weekend, and hope we can still make the trip. We have been looking forward to it.
It makes me sick to my stomach to think about my oak trees being destroyed. I hope they can be saved. We will have to get on a waiting list with a tree service to have them assess the damage. I had dreams of hanging a rope swing from the big oak in front of the house for my children. Randall said that is what I get for having plans for the trees! If you know Randall, that made you laugh.
Please continue to pray for those in our area who do not have a warm place to go. Many of the smaller towns/areas will not have power for weeks. The power lines are on the ground most all the way down Hwy 49, into Fair Oaks. It is an amazing site.
My coworkers are very cold in their homes, searching for warm showers and they are reaching the end of their ropes. Please say a special prayer for them, if you will.



Michael said...

It looks exactly like that up here in NWA. Looks like a nuclear bomb exploded.