Sunday, January 4, 2009

Thoughts from the supper table

Last night we sat around the table eating potato soup (from a Bear Creek mix-the best!!!), and we began talking about our futures.
David said he wanted to live in a mansion, yet he wants to be a reading teacher. I told him both of those probably were not going to happen, but he didn't seem deterred. He also gave us the name of his children. He plans on having 2 boys and 2 girls, their names will be John, Luke, Lucy, and Gracie. His wife is going to get to pick out their middle names. He thought this was fair, because they would each have gotten to pick out 4 names.
Anna wants to work at the mall, she asked me very nicely if she could. I told her "of course you can." I mean she is 4, I would hate to taint her love of the mall at such a young age. She then asked if she could have 2 jobs, because she would also like to work at a restaurant. It turns out, the girl just wants to work at cash register. And she got one for Christmas, so things are working out just fine for her.
Daniel thinks he is going to be a painter, he isn't sure if he is going to paint walls or pictures, but he knows he wants to paint.
Samuel didn't say what he wanted to be, but he does want to name his son after him. He is going to call him Junior. I'm hoping for grandDAUGHTERS from him!
Table conversations are usually pretty interesting at our house. We cover a variety of topics, from spiritual to silliness. I remember sitting at our family table everynight growing up, talking about our day, who we saw, what we did. They were good times, and I think made us the strong loving family we still are today. I am praying the same for my kids.
I pray your week is a good one. Keep Luke Ward in your prayers, he is having tests run and he and his family are so far away from those that care and love them the most. Yet, they are surrounded by the love of Jesus and I know that brings them great comfort.



Sisters said...

I am laughing outloud and picturing all 4 of them telling their tales. table time at the S house is one of my fondest memories growing up. We done good, sister!

Anonymous said...

I just love your children their thoughts are so sweet!
Diana Rives

Anonymous said...

Table Time at the "S" house was special. I think about those times alot. Times no one can ever take away from us. You go Girls !!