Thursday, April 24, 2008

To David and To Daniel

Well today is David's birthday and Daniel's birthday. They are 7 years old!
It is because of you that your birthday is today. You just had to see the outside world sooner than we had planned. You love the number 24, on a race car or on the back of your baseball jersey, April 24th is definitely your day! You are a funny, feisty kid. You are always moving, unless you are snuggling up to me and then you are calm and quiet. You love to read, you are devouring books so fast I think we are going to run out of things for you to read, I love that!! Your imagination can not be rivaled. You love to build things, robots, forts, etc. You are a good student and are making good grades, I'm so proud of you. You are very loving and good at making friends. Your feelings get hurt easily because you have such a caring nature about you. God has given you a tender heart, I can't wait to see how He uses you.

Wow, you're 7! You are so excited! You wanted to know if I was putting streamers up on your door(and I did), and if you could open up all your presents on your birthday, or if you had to wait until Saturday at your party. You love a birthday! You make me laugh. You can say the zaniest things and make the funniest faces. You are quick-witted, but you can't make a quick decision. It takes you longer to decide what to order at a restaurant than anyone else. And then most of the time you change your mind. I love that about you. You love to draw and color. You are making good grades at school, I'm proud of you. You love to cuddle with me, and I always cherish those times(even when I seem to busy to). God has big plans for you, I can't wait to see what they are.

I love you boys. I love that you choose the same color car to ride in at an amusement park. That you choose a shirt to wear without knowing that your brother is wearing the exact one. That you like to play "guess which one is which". That Tuesday night when you ran onto the baseball field you both fell down(accidentally) when you got to your positions. I love that you fuss and fight. That you love each other with a fierce love. That you are so alike and yet so different. And that when others can't tell you apart-I can. That when you come to me at night and say something to me, I know your voice, or the shape of your head. I love you boys and I thank God for you!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday David and Daniel! Man how time flies....I can't beleive they are 7!! Hope you, Abby and your mom have a great weekend all being together.


cindy said...

Christopher and Gabriel say Happy Birthday! and come to the Air Show with them in May.