Friday, April 4, 2008

This is more like it!

I was trying on a new shirt(new to me, not new to fashion) and asked the kids if they liked it. Anna came up smelled my shirt, and my jeans and said, "yes, they smell like mom!"
The boys didn't like it, but Anna apparently thinks that since they smell like me, they look like me! (But her "mother" also has a shirt like this so I guess she thinks it is a mom shirt!)
I know you are asking yourselves "doesn't she have anything better to do than blog funny statements by her kids." Well, I do. I have to pack and get the house in shape to be gone for 24 hours. Take a shower and get ready.
So, now I'm off to do anything better!


Anonymous said...

Please don't quit writing about your kids. Everything I read is so precious and I enjoy keeping up with you and your family. I feel like y'all are part of my family.
Diana Rives

Anonymous said...

To my 2 favorite nieces... I always read this blog the last thing before I go to bed.... I always have a smile after I finish reading. Thanks so much for ending my night with a smile. You two are just the best.

Love you both very much.
Your favorite auntie, TBEO.

Sisters said...

AKB is the oddest child..wonder where/who she gets it from?!