Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Oprah has A-HA moments-here is one of mine. I realize that some of you have never seen me or haven't seen me in a while, so this may come as a surprise to you, but I'm not the skinniest person on the block. In fact I have never been the weight I am now, and I have had 4 children(2 at one time)!
The other day Samuel was in the room with me while I was using my new flat iron and had these words of wisdom:
"your hair is already straight".
I tried to explain to him that this neat little device (that I love!!!) actually adds a little body to my hair. He wanted to know what that meant so I began to tell him that I use shampoo that adds body, mousse that adds body, I blow my hair dry upside down to add body and use a hairspray that is supposed to hold the body that the other products put in my hair.
It then dawned on me- that all these products have added body-TO MY BODY!, not my hair. It isn't the food I've eaten or even the cokes I've drunk, its the hair products!


Sisters said...

So you think the Aussie is the reason I can't wear any of my capri pants?

Stephanie said...

works for me...i am borrowing that as my new theory..if we all stick together it must be truth!! lol