Friday, April 11, 2008

Did A Mack Truck Hit Me?

That is what it feels like. I am so exhausted from the ride I am on right now. It is not only exhausting; it is also fun, exciting, annoying and scary...but worth it.

Exhausting. I have our home arranged like a model home (lots of HGTV viewing and a professional stagger came to our home) and I am living in it at the same time. My agent tells me she is amazed that I am living in the house with it setup like it is and the buyers agents have been in awe also. I am not bragging, just trying to stress that it is not a comfy place to live. It is a chore, I must admit. I am ready to start living in Rand's apt. in J'boro in a few weeks (he has a housekeeper) and not have to wipe down any trace of life each morning before I leave the house. It is so exhausting.

Fun. Seeing Rand on Friday evenings after being away all week, shopping for a new home, exploring new shops and eateries, and finding a church is funtimes but also annoying.

Annoying. All the things I described as fun are also annoying. Change is good yet not always easy. Trying to find a job in a town that only hires LPNs, food service attendants and forklift drivers is past annoying and just plain scary. Locals telling us where we should live and why we shouldn't live here or there is nice but crosses the line to annoying after a while. I promise I won't need paper toilet seat covers in my bathrooms. I presently live in Marshall County, Mississippi and that is as bad as it gets, my friends and we have survived while raising our property value $20,000 in 4 years. I am also allergic to white trash, so have no fear!

Scary. Trying to find a job is my biggest fright at the moment. I am picturing myself refilling the slushie machine in my work shirt and sun visor at the local Kum & Go and asking, "Would you like a car wash with that?". Lord, help me!

Worth it. We prayed for this job for my sweet Rand for over two years. God has brought us into this season of life for a purpose far greater than we understand at the moment. I pray we learn all the lessons He wants for us to learn, we bloom when and where He wants us to bloom and above all, I pray that we honor and glorify Him every step of the way.

I am getting back on the ride while continuing to dodge the big trucks. Thanks for stopping by the rest area with me this morning.



mrspburton said...

Nice. Just remember to enjoy the things you'll miss.

Example: THE Warsaw Deli with mullatt serving you.

Sisters said...

P: That lesbian mullat asked for your number - Ha! You are my only friend to experience that with me...thank you. "By-Hell-Yeah" forever, Baby!

Lindsey Watson said...

i can only imagine your life right now! i am so sorry things are so crazy, but you are getting to enter a whole new phase of life and that makes me a little jealous! :) know that you are loved and prayed for!!!!