Saturday, April 26, 2008

Birthday Weekend in Twinkle Town

We had a fun weekend celebrating birthdays. I love being with my fab four, my sister and my Mama. I always feel so loved for just being "me" when I am with them.
Here are some snapshots from my camera. It was fun times!
The Birthday Boys enjoying candy straws at the ballpark

The Birthday Princess admiring her new mirror from Marmie

My first Nephew is my special buddy...Love this boy!

Loving that blue icing

Birthday boys and the Blue Angels cake

made by Marmie & Aunt Abby

Pinata Fun - I love how this pic captures the excitement

Camping at Cane Creek on their Birthday

Birthday Princess with her cake

made by Anna & Aunt Abby



Anonymous said...

Looks like y'all had fun. The cakes look great!!!


Lindsey Watson said...

so long since i have been on here!!! so sorry! you are always so good to read mine, and i am the slacker friend who doesn't read yours as often as i should. those cakes are AMAZING!!!!!!!!! LOVE them. will you make me a princess castle cake for my birthday???