Friday, April 4, 2008

Another serious post!

Isaiah 40:11
... he gently leads those that have young.
As a mom of 4 children I often have mothers of older children tell me that
"they grow up fast" or "enjoy them while they're young" or "it's just a season".
My response to them is usually a curt smile and sometimes I will say "but they're young now" or "do you not remember this season of YOUR life". I am around my children all-I mean all-the time and at times I grow weary. I at times want to give these older, wiser women more than a curt smile. I want to stand up to them and ask (loudly) "Help me then!" "What did you do?"
I want to ask those of you that are older to not just give us younger moms a smile and a quote from above, but maybe a smile and a verse that got you through this time in your life. Or take one or more of our children for an hour or so. Younger moms, I ask you to remember this time in your lives. I often ...ponder these things in (my) heart (like Mary in Luke 2:19). Be prepared for when you are the older mother-you can give words of wisdom, truth and advise those younger moms in love.
The verse from Isaiah is helping me to not be so weary. Just knowing that Jesus is gently leading me is such a relief. He isn't tugging at me and yelling at me to get right, he is gently leading me. It is such a burden off of my shoulders to know that I am not in this alone, that He cares, He loves, and most of all He guides. YEA!!!!

ps. Melissa, the pics of Grant on Leighann's website are SOOO cute. The one where he is walking made me crack up!

ps2. No, I don't think Abby is talking about me in her previous post, but she could be.

ps3. What is the deal with us leaving such serious posts on a Friday! Stay tuned, we'll try to lighten it up a bit!!!


Sisters said...

I was not talking about you in my post and wasn't Grant PRECIOUS in those pics?! I love that little chunker!

Mandy said...

Ok, you guys were a little serious. I thought Abby was always talking about me. But I always think someone is talking about me when they are upset with someone- it's the youngest child syndrome!! :) Just kidding! Julie, I agree with you, I wonder why in the world I am so strict and my kids do things that I would never have dreamed of doing when I was little. I just want to scream "WHY?" Weary is such a good word for me this week.....