Friday, April 18, 2008

A Blessed Life

Here is one last blessing for the week. It is a little deeper than the three previous ones I have posted. I am blessed to have the life I have. I know, it sounds silly and a little crazy coming from the girl who has been a basket case these past few weeks, but yesterday I realized that I am truly blessed to have this life.

Yesterday I sat in my car and rationalized with myself: I need to sell my house, buy a new one and find a job. I can choose to get overwhelmed or I can place it in the palm of my Provider's hands and let Him handle it. I am now choosing to hand it off to Him each morning, it works better that way!

So, now you ask why I all the sudden feel so blessed to have all this pressure? Let me tell you.

Last night I was working late at school. Mrs. Carolyn and I were walking to the parking lot when we noticed a middle school student sitting on a bench. (It was 7:30pm, school gets out at 2:45ish) We found out that he stays this late most everyday waiting on his ride. This young man is From Sudan. His mother fled their homeland with her children a few years back and they live in Memphis now. She works two jobs and he and his siblings receive scholarships to attend the school. He has to wait on his oldest sister to pick him up and that time varies each day. We had some grapes left over from an event and he ate them up in a flash. It broke my heart to see him waiting there and to see how hungry he was. Yet, this life he lives now is much better than what he came from.

I called my Mama on the way home last night. I told her about the boy at school and we discussed how we often think we have it so bad, but really we have such a blessed life. She then told me about a man who works for my Uncle Mike. This man had been living in a tent under the bridge in F.S. The storms blew his tent away last week. The company found him an apt. near the plant and paid one month of rent for him. Mama was getting a new couch in a few days, so she had Uncle Mike take the man her couch. (It is neat to see the circle that couch has made:) We recycle furniture in our family like crazy don't we guys?!). This man can now walk to work instead of paying for public transit and that old couch is a soft bed for him to lay his head.

Wow! I went to bed last night thankful and humbled. My stressors are not bad things nor tragic things..they are just life! It is a blessed life...a very privileged life.

I am blessed and so are you!


Nathan and Emily said...

I agree Abby! Everytime I think I have it rough God always finds a way to gently remind me that I am blessed!

Anonymous said...

I feel blessed each day knowing that I have someone like you in my life. We are all overwhelmed at times but THE MAN always seems to show up when we feel we can't take anymore. I think about daily and pray for peace of mind for you. I know in my heart there are great things in store for you and Randall. Just keep the faith.
Love you lots

Anonymous said...

I checked out the 'facts' before sending. Buy a statue of St Joseph.
The statue is buried upside down in the front yard with the feet pointing to heaven. It may face towards the home (or towards the street if you want your neighbor's home to sell!) The location of the statue can vary: by the "For Sale" sign, in a flower pot (popular for condo owners), etc.. As long as you can find it once the home has sold. After the home has sold, the statue should be removed from the ground and given a place of honor in your new home.