Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Meet The Mother

Today I am counting my blessings again (it helps keep me sane right now). I am thanking God for my Mama today. (She is Julie's Mother too...I just wish not to share her in this post!)I am not going to get all mushy with this post (I could, but I won’t). I just want to introduce you to the great lady I call “Mama”.

I was three weeks late and determined not to come out when I was forced to arrive here on earth in 1978. I think Mama knew then that I was going to be high maintenance. I was nothing like my older sister and Mama had to learn how to manage two girls that were total opposites.

I hated school. Mama had to walk me to school for a while because I would not get out of the car at the crosswalk. So, we walked instead. She would walk me the back way to the playground where I was forced to cross a small ditch into the playground. She made me cross the ditch alone and I was not allowed to re-cross it once I got over it. I would usually cry like a fat child as I watched her on the other side of the ditch, but it worked and I learned to go to school like a big girl. (I was in the 5th grade!)

Hair drama. If you know me real well, you know my hair and the many struggles we had with it while I was growing up. I have my Daddy’s hair – thick and curly. My Mama and my sister have straight, thin hair. Many tears were shed in our bathroom over the years and many car rides home from the beauty shop were covered in tears. Mama never gave up on my hair. She bought me great bows to stick in my mess of hair and always told me I looked pretty. I think she lied to me, but it worked! I can’t imagine the agony she must have gone through trying to make my hair straight and thin and Julie’s thick and curly. She deserves an award just for just being in the bathroom with us each morning as we cried over our hair.

“Walk this way”. Mama would say those words and then walk all crazy down the hall to my room to get me to go to bed when I was little. I loved it. She always scratched my back before bed too. I love to go home for a few days or have her come to my house because she scratches my back before bed. Whenever anyone touches my back, I think of my Mama. I love that. I hope to “walk this way” with my kids someday. It is such a vivid memory of mine, I just love it!

“God doesn’t make junk”. “God is not the author of confusion”. Those are both phrases I can hear my Mama say as though she is standing right next to me. I love that she shoots things to me straight. No beating around the bush with my sweet little Mama! She is a hard worker, Steadfast in her faith, devoted to those she loves, strong in her convictions and my earthly “rock”. Her wise words and affection keep me level when I seem to be going out of balance. I could talk about her all day, but I will refrain from getting mushy. I am just so glad she is my Mama!



Anonymous said...

I am glad she is your mama, too. and I am glad she is my daughter. What a Woman!!!
lovey, mamaw