Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Me Too!!!!

I got tagged too?!!! Thanks Mandy-what an honor!!!

My six words are:
Tired Loyal
Kind Sweet (these 2 were given by Daniel)


Sisters said...

What pretty girls and Little Dan is right on the money!

Mandy said...

Jules, I may have a failing memory, but I don't remember you as being really loud....:) The others (minus the loud) are very good descriptions! What a sweet boy you have to help with your list!

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are loud but only when you laugh, and that is why we have so much fun together, especially at Olive Garden! I remember how my talking and your laughing would get us in so much trouble!
Just no more loud burping. You have to stop that bad habit :-)

Anonymous said...

well, I better retract that last statement, in case someone thinks you really do that. Love you!