Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sweet Prayer

Two nights ago as I was tucking the twins into bed, David said his prayers. He prayed that all the flood and tornado victims would find shelter. And then he prayed this
"shelter even better than what they had".
I was blown away by that, how sweet that he would want them to have better than before. Last night as I tucked him in and he prayed, he prayed the same thing. So , I asked him why he wanted them to have better shelter than before. He said "so next time a flood or tornado comes they will be safe."
I don't talk a lot about the twins different personalities, but David has a tender heart. He feels for others and wants the very best for everyone. He prays that everyone in the whole universe(he says he prays for the universe in case their are astronauts in space) will be saved. He isn't even a Christian yet. He is really a sweet boy, I can't wait to see what God has in store for him.

David's mom-Julie


Sisters said...

I got a little tear in my eye. I do love that little tender heart of his. I do mean it when I say, "Jules you have the most well-behaved children"
You are a good mother.
Love, David's Aunt