Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Its My Turn!

You won't believe this! Abby just emailed me and told me to write something because,
" it is all me of late, and that is a little too much of me"
Is anyone gasping besides me? I'll give you a moment to catch your breath after such a stunning sentence............ I didn't think it was possible for her to ever think that there was too much of her! This is a breakthrough!!! (Abby, I'm just joking)

We are in the middle of birthday week at our house. Sunday we celebrated Anna's 4th birthday complete with presents, cake, candles, lunch out, and most importantly streamers on her door.

Streamers on the bedroom door is a tradition that started on Samuel's 3rd birthday. We were having his fireman birthday party at our house and in order to separate the dining room from the living room (which was just one big room) I attached red streamers to the ceiling and they hung to the floor. It looked a bit like a 70's beaded curtain minus the beads. When we were planning his 4th birthday party(which was 6 1/2 years ago!) he asked if I had gotten the streamers. I said "yes, of course" and ran to Dollar General in Manila because my little tiny town didn't have a dollar store-can you believe that? I couldn't believe he remembered streamers. I mean we had gone to the firehouse and looked and played on the fire engines, we had chicken nuggets, and french fries with just his friends(no big brothers or sisters were invited) and he got tons of presents, and he remembered the streamers. His 4th birthday was one of the most stressful times of our little family's life so if he wanted streamers, he was dang-sure getting them!!
So fast forward 6 years and 4 kids. Anyone that has a birthday and gets to spend the night at our house on their birthday eve wakes up to streamers hanging from their bedroom door. With the exception of me, because apparently I am the only one that can hang up the streamers.
So, back to birthday week! We are now counting down hours until D&D's birthday. It is Thursday and they can hardly wait-they would be able to wait if they knew that Stephen and I don't yet know what we are getting them. And the other birthday tradition at our house is-as soon as you walk through your streamers, you get to open your presents.

Aunt Abby is coming on Thursday and we are so excited! We are thinking maybe a picnic for lunch that day. Samuel has a ballgame that night and I think we will eat Mexican afterwards. Marmie is coming Friday afternoon and D&D have a game that night. Saturday Nana and Papa are coming and we will have the official birthday party at 1:00 at the VFW park because they have tanks and cannons the kids can play on. Aunt Abby is making the boys a Blue Angel cake. We just love the Blue Angels!!!

So that is what is happening here. We will take pictures and post them!



Sisters said...

Respect the sister....remember who butters the bread...that would be ME!!!!