Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Thanks for the Header

Egg Drop Goodness - August 2007

I feel terrible for not saying “Thanks” sooner to Lindsey for making our header. (She made 4 of them, actually!) Lindsey is super special to our family. Everyone that has met her from Memphis to Fort Smith has fallen in love with her and always asks, “How is Lindsey?” Her family is just as special too and I have a pretty good feeling they ask her, “How is Abby?” We will be friends until Jesus takes us home!

She was/is my fellow bulk mail girl, brownie concrete companion, personal photographer, fashion & design expert, China Town patron, a firm & soft shoulder to lean on, a road trip buddy, a “Friends” watch party host, my laundry mat, a dance partner, a beautiful bridesmaid and one of the greatest friends I have ever had.
I could go on and on about her, but I won’t because I have to get back to work. I just wanted to give her a little “Thanks” for always being so sweet to take pics and design things for us out of love.

Linds, know that it never goes unappreciated!

Check out her photography blog and if you live in Central Arkansas…make an appointment with her!


Lindsey Watson said...

aww...thanks for the "thanks" and all the sweet words!! you know i don't mind a bit!!!! and yes, my family does always ask me how you are doing!!! love you girl!