Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Aren't they great??!! I wish you could really see them, because they really are quite fabulous, shiny red patent leather heels, Mamaw you would be proud!! I wore them Sunday with my black dress-you remember the black dress story and comment right?-. I wish I had a picture of the black dress, but my photography skills are lacking. I also wish I knew how to link a picture of the dress from the White House Black Market website, but I don't- so there!!

I do wish you a great Tuesday and that you get a great pair of red heels!!! (Yes, you too Chip!)


Anonymous said...

One of my favorite wishes when I was a little girl was for red "toeless" high heels...Now you are really in style! I love you and think you are so wonderful.

Sisters said...

I can imagine and visualize your toes in the toe holes when I look at the shoes. Isn't that funny!

Anonymous said...


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