Thursday, July 31, 2008

Oh next to my home...

UPdate! One of our girls was saved tonight! YAY!!! It was an answer to a prayer that Stephen and I had been praying. She was so excited. So, we are leaving with all of our kids (except the one 7 year old) saved. It really is a wonderful thing!!!

Only 1 night left!! YAY!!!!!

I have to confess that I give camp a bad time.
All the things I wrote about last time that I don't like about camp are still true. But this week 3 of the 12 kids we brought to camp have been saved, 7 of the kids we brought to camp were already Christians and one of the 12 is 7 and isn't involved in all the "big kid" activities because he, like my D&D, is not old enough to participate.

So to make that easier to figure out (because I just read it, and even I got lost!) Out of the 5 unsaved kids we brought to camp- 3 of them have been saved!!! WOO-HOO!!!!!

So it has been worth:the smelliness of the cabin,
the yucky taste and texture of what must surely be boiled hamburger patties( I didn't even know that could be done-YUCK!)
the hot, sweaty and sticky days
having to reuse towels
staying in a room with three 7 year old boys and one 4 year old girl (that will NOT stop peeing in her pants!!!UGH!!!)
and just the absence of my home.

It really has.
These children were so excited to finally make the decision to let Jesus be Lord of their lives. And we were so excited to be with them when they did it!!!

So, YAY Siloam. I refuse to sing the song, but God's work is still being done here.

If you have any extra money laying around, send it here-there is a lot of work that needs to be done to update this place. I'm pretty sure if you haven't been here in 20 years, the only thing that has changed is the sanctuary. Although it looks like they paint the pavillions every few years, because I can't find my name on one of them and I'm pretty sure I proudly wrote my name on pavillion 12 in circa 1984. Good times!!!
We leave tomorrow and I am looking forward to being home, yet dreading the laundry that will have to be done. I'm thinking the laundry mat might be my hangout Saturday!


Am I Clinic Bound?

Do you ever just cry a spell to relieve stress or am I the only weird one in the group?

I am loving the new job, enjoying the excitement of our potential new home, enjoying the new relationships I am building and trying to decide who has the best veggie pizza in town, yet I am overwhelmed by all of it. Does that make sense?

Yesterday I got so overwhelmed and exhausted from all the decisions and newness, that I went into our bathroom when I got home and cryed a very large spell. It made me feel TONS better. Now, I am worried that Mama might need to check me into the clinic! (Or as Sally Fields in Steel Magnolias and my Mama both refer to it, "The Guidance Center")

I want to know how you relieve good/happy stress? So, come on lurkers... comment!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Siloam Bound!

Tomorrow we leave for church camp.
Did you notice there was not an exclamation point at the end of that sentence?
I don't like camp. I don't like the smell of the room. I don't like having to share showers and toilets with strangers, or people outside of my family. I don't like being hot and sticky. I don't like having to get up early in the morning. I don't like being away from the tv.
I haven't liked camp since I first went to Siloam when I was 8. It was hot, people were hyperventilating right and left, and I missed my parents soooo bad, and even Abby (but she was still a baby, not yet bugging me). And I really haven't liked it since then.
Stephen loves camp as much as I dislike camp. He thinks its a job perk (poor guy).
So, I'm off to camp. I get to stay in a semi-air-conditioned cabin that sleeps 3, but there will be 5 in it. Three of them will be mine, but one of the children in my cabin is not my own, and from what I hear a little rowdy. PRAY!!!
I do like one thing about camp. The worship. I love watching children worship. Seeing their faces when they understand that God loves THEM is something I don't want to miss. So I won't. I'll go, and I'll enjoy it.
Stephen will make me.
Pray for us, we'll need it.


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Not alone anymore

Remember the silence I wrote about last time?

Remember the feeling of being alone I wrote about last time?

Well, thats I all I have too. Just remembering, because those two things are gone.

The kids are all home, under one roof and feeling the effects of no longer being with grandparents. It has been a rough 24 hours.

They are like little wild animals. Yesterday after we picked up Daniel, we went to a couple of stores. You would have thought it was the first time they had been in public. They were walking in the middle of the aisles, smack dab in the way of adults pushing buggies. They were flailing their arms in the air as if they had no control of them at all. They were talking so loudly, people on the other side of the store could have heard them, and probably wished I had had more control of them. I wished I had had more control of them!

Today has been little better. It seems that I have raised the most ungrateful children and the most unruly. I don't know how it happened. They have usually acted so nice in public, especially when Stephen was with them. WOW! We were not prepared for this!

So to all of you that think I may have a perfect life, and wonderful, obedient, children. That is a nice picture, and sadly one I paint way to often, but it isn't the case. My house isn't perfect, it is quite messy and cluttered. My children aren't perfect, they are 10,7,and 4, and as of this moment WILD. My marriage isn't perfect, it is pretty wonderful most of the time, but it definitely has its ups and downs. All that is perfect with me is Jesus.


Thursday, July 24, 2008


You won't believe this! I am home alone! ALONE!!!!!

Stephen had to speak at a church in Pine Bluff tonight and he took David and Anna. Samuel went to Bible School at a church in town, Daniel is with his grandparents and I am home alone.

Not only that, but I went to dinner with 5 adults-by myself! It was supposed to be a dinner with the deacons and their wives, but somehow it became 2 deacons and their wives, one deacon wife(her hubby was working), and me. It was nice, freeing, fun, and a little strange. I loved it.

So now I am sitting in my quiet house with the only noise that of the computer keys as I type. The silence is almost deafening. I have a strange feeling in my stomach, like this isn't how it is supposed to be. Don't get me wrong, I'm loving it. It is just different, really different.

Tomorrow we pick up Daniel. The 6 of us will be together again. A family. Our family.
I have missed having the 4th child in the house, either Samuel, David or Daniel. It didn't matter which one was gone, there was just something missing.

Since Saturday, no one has slept in D&D's room. Whichever one of the twins was home slept in Samuel's room. He doesn't let them sleep in his bed, they have to sleep on the floor. But I have slept with Samuel before and it is a good thing they start out on the floor, because if they slept with him they would end up on the floor. That kid can move while he sleeps!

Well, my quiet alone time is just about over. It is time for me to go get Samuel. I think I will take him to the bakery and get him something sweet to eat (since I forgot to feed him supper!) and drive around for a bit, just the two of us. He loves that time, when it is just the two of us. And so do I.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Yes, The Tag Is For Real...

...Here is the story:

Rand and I went to get our Drivers licences yesterday afternoon and the only thing left to tag in our new home state was his truck. I had tagged the car, boat and trailer earlier in the month. He always gets a DU (Ducks Unlimited) tag regardless, so I knew that was what he was going to pick out. In Arkansas the tags start with AB...and continue on with other letters and numbers.
We all know how rude the DMV ladies are, and our lady was no exception. As she was processing all his papers, I looked at her and said,
"Can you go check and see if you have a DU tag that has 1ABBY on it?" She looked at me as though I was crazy and you could almost see the smoke coming out of her ears. She got up. She went to the DU cabinet. She rejoices in cheer, "Oh, Girl..You ain't gonna believe this!" Then she holds it up...and there it was, in all its glory! She was my new found friend and she had the tag. Score!

Do you believe that the first DU tag in the stack was 1ABBY?? Even if we had not asked for it, he would have gotten it!!!!! Unreal. I am still laughing about it. He....well, not so much. He said he might as well put "Harass me" on his bumper! I love that man!


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

David is home!

Stephen made the switch today at noon. He picked up David and dropped off Daniel.

I didn't see Stephen drive up with David. I just heard the door open and heard David's sweet voice, I immediately smiled. He hugged me tight and long. It was really wonderful!

I walked through the living room a little while later and stepped over him lying on the floor. I said "I missed your face." It dawned on me that he and Daniel have just about the same face, but I missed David's face.

Strange that I would have one boy running around the house with the same face as the one that was running around Ft Smith and I still missed that face.

I am missing that face again, except this time it is Daniel's face. I won't see it until Saturday, but I will see a look alike until then. Not the real thing, but pretty close.

I'm anxious to see how David sleeps tonight. I'll be sure and let you know.


Farm to Formal

If you know My Rand, you know that the only time I have seen him in a suit is the day we married (and he was most handsome). Well, because my new job will have us attending many, many functions in town, he is now the proud owner of a gorgeous black suit and possibly the owner of a new tuxedo. When I told Mama of this grand purchase she laughed so hard. I think it was the fact he went from khaki chinos straight to formal wear, without stopping off at the sport coats. That is what makes it most comical. Plus, if you REALLY know him, you have to laugh at this new reality.
God love him!
Now, I have to find some LBD's. All the cute ones are sleeveless and strapless. Yikes!


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sleeping alone

Last night was the first night D&D have been separated for more than just a few hours. Stephen's dad is taking each of the boys for a 3 day trip to Ft Smith, and yesterday they came and got David, and dropped off Samuel.
D&D have spent the night apart only on vacation when we have been in one hotel room and the grandparents have been in another hotel room. And once over Christmas when Daniel went and stayed at my moms while the other kids slept at Stephens parents. They have not ever been separated for longer than one night. I was curious as to how things would go when they were separated.
David rode off with his little hand waving out the window. A little piece of me went off in that car too. Everything went on as normal the rest of the day. I took Samuel and Daniel to the pool, (that was weird because there were only 2 boys swimming and not 3.) But when it was time to go to bed and I went to tuck Daniel in on the top bunk of his and David's bunk beds, he asked"can I sleep in Samuel's room?" We took his sleeping bag into Samuel's room and laid it out and he slept there all night.
They haven't just not spent the night away from each other very often, but they have NEVER slept in a room by themselves before. Samuel and Anna do it all the time, but not D&D. This is a new experience for them, and I hope a great one.
It feels weird without David, something is really missing from our house. He comes back on Tuesday and then Daniel leaves for his trip. Saturday we get them all back to stay. I can't wait!!!!

ps. Abby wanted me to post a picture, but I am not doing it because it would take WAY to long to find the one I want to post and post it. So just imagine 2 cute little boys sleeping.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Armband Night at the Fair

I am sure you know what that night is like at the fair, especially the Arkansas-Oklahoma State Fair.

Well, that is what my week has felt like: Riding a crazy, loud ride with your bestest buddy at the fair and then visiting the house of mirrors on the way out. It is fun, a tad bit scary, confusing and just down right comical!

I could write a book about my first week on the job. I have kept those in my close circle in stitches all week, sharing my stories and encounters. Who ever doesn't think God has a sense of humor, needs to come sit by me! I am loving every minute of it and thanking God for this over abundant blessing here in Jonesvegas!


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Croc Craze

I know that you log on your computer just to read what I did today. I know that it makes you smile and feel fulfilled that you can get a glimpse into the life of Julie. HA! Some days I am so bored that I can't even think of anything to write-but not today.

You see, today I found a sale!
You know how we Skutt girls love a sale!

Saturday night when Stephen and I were on our double date, (Did I tell you about that?) Well, we ate at a restaurant that was new to us, and they had the best stuffed mushrooms. I mean it, they were the best mushrooms. You may think you make the best mushrooms, or have tasted the best mushrooms, but unless you have been to Q&Y in Monticello you haven't had them. And the best thing about these mushrooms is that they were on the buffet. We could (and did) load up as many as could fit on our plate. I mean GOOOOOOD!
OK, back to the story....So after we ate we stopped by Walmart and looked around, because without kids, Walmart is a totally different store. And after Walmart we drove by this kids store that was having a going out of business sale. The sign on the window said "Crocs buy one get one free".
So today we went to buy some crocs. I was scared that they would only have little sized crocs but, you know what? The Crocs that were on sale were the bigger size Crocs, the ones I had gone to buy for D&D. I was so excited!! I have never bought Crocs. My kids always have to wear the ones from Payless (except for the ones I got at the local resale store in town. I bought Anna a pair of pink ones for -are you ready?- 25 cents!!!) because I am too cheap to shell out $25-$35 on Crocs when I can get the knock off ones for $8. But this time I shelled out $24 and got 2 pair of Crocs. I was proud!! And so were D&D, and that is what really counts!
So, that is what I did today. I drove 23 miles to buy 2 pair of Crocs for $24. WOO!HOO!
I hope you had more excitement than I did today. Or maybe you have had too much excitement lately and you just need a day of quiet and no surprises, if so I hope you had that.

I'm off to church. I don't care what people say, I enjoy Wednesday night church. I wish more people would give it a try.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My first day at work

Is she not a doll?! This is Molly Claire. We introduced you to her a couple of weeks ago. She is our cousin Sarah's new baby girl. I can't wait to get my hands on that doll baby and give her kisses!!!!! (Got a little touch of the baby fever over here in Northeast Arkansas)

Well, I am back in the working world. I sort of now wished I had cherished the time off, instead of wishing it away. We never truly know what we have until it is gone. Such a tough lesson to learn, that is for sure.
I remember when we found out we were moving here. Randall mentioned a job like this at this very hospital and my response was, "P-L-EASE! People that work those jobs in that little town don't ever leave their jobs!"
Well, here I sit in that very job in this not so little town, all because someone left. I am still in awe at how it worked out for me. God is truly way TOO good to me.
I am overwhelmed by all I have to learn and do in the next short time. Please keep praying for us. We are still not sure about where and when we will buy a home. It is a tough market and there is nothing that we would consider buying at this moment. We are embracing apartment living and enjoying the lack of responsibility and maintenance of a house. God never ceases to amaze me. His mercies and surprises are always new!


Monday, July 14, 2008

Whew! What a day

It was Monday and you know what that means-WALMART!!!!
But first, I had to take Daniel to the doctor. He has an inner AND outer ear infection. Poor thing, so he has to take ear drops and penicillin.
And then we went to Walmart-fun!fun! We grocery shopped in 25 minutes-did you see that-25 minutes. Me and 4 kids grocery shopping in Walmart for 25 minutes, and I remembered everything.
I don't mean to brag, but I am.
I realize that next will it will probably take me 2 hours and 25 minutes, but this week it didn't!

Abby started her job today. Well, she went to orientation and learned all about the hospital and how to clean up a spill. I told her the only spill she should be around is a Diet Coke spill, because any other spill will cause her to throw-up and that will just add to the spill problem that has already occured. She agreed, and will stay away from spills.

Talk to you later, I must go watch Jon and Kate with Anna.


Friday, July 11, 2008

Our Favorite Things About Being Sisters

We Share The Same Expressions
We laugh, cry and get mad at the same things
(This was not always a blessing when we lived at home)
We Share the Same Soul
We know what one another is really saying beneath all the words
(It is scary at times, but it is nice to know we can't hide)
We Share The Same Family
It is most fun to share love for the same group of people
(And we love having girl cousins, a lot. It means more sisters!)
We Share the Same Memories
Our interpretation of things are usually different,
yet the memories are still the same
(We always laugh recounting stories to one another.
It is so funny to see what the other one remembers)
Mama - Can you see the bulb tree in this pic?
We Share The Same History

We have the same roots that define who we are

We hope you have enjoyed A few of our favorite things this week!

Tell us what are some of your favorite things are about your sister, brother, Facebook, beauty aids, or just any random thing?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Good News

(I know it is not a list of my favorite things, nor is it my day to post, but it will be alright).
I am the new Marketing Coordinator at St. Bernards Healthcare. This was a HUGE interview process and it is going to be a HUGE job, but I am ready for it! Thank you for those who have been praying for this job. It is appreciated more than you know. Jonesboro gets friendlier with each passing day!

My Favorite Things About Facebook - (Julie)

Bumper Stickers
They are so funny!

Keeping up with the teenagers I know.
My prayer life has just increased! Some of these kids just don't get it!!
(Isn't Meghan so pretty - she was our babysitter in Augusta)

Finding old friends and family members
Can you believe Eric posted this old picture on his page?

Instant messaging
it is the greatest part!

It gives Stephen and me something else to talk about
and we get to see who has the most friends!!!


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Few Of My Favorite Beauty Aids - ( Abby)

Aussie Sprunch Spray
This is my most favorite chemical in the free world.
Those who love me best have it stuck to their bathroom floor.
It gives my curls the perfect hold, bounce and shine.
The perfect, most wonderful way to flatten my curly Afro
Lip Smacker
I apply before bed each night and
have fruit filled visions all night long.
It is my most favorite scent.
It truly evokes happiness in my soul.
Great not only for that clean ear feeling,
but for eye make-up application and nail polish messes.


A Few Of My Favorite Things (Random) - Julie

A Happy Family
I love that all sides of my family are happy and loving
(Can you guess who these young people are?)
My Kids Laughter
I love hearing their giggles and goofy excitement
(Halloween 2007)
Laying Out
I love getting a tan while laying beside a clear blue pool
(And no, that is not me in the picture)
A Clean House
I love the thought of it but not so much the action of it
( and no, this is not me either)
a cold real coke is the just the best thing
(makes you thirsty, doesn't it?)

Monday, July 7, 2008

A Few Of My Favorite Things (Random) - Abby

This week we will post some of our favorite things. Some may be random (like this post), or some may be specific (food, clothes, people, etc). Enjoy, and may your week be filled with some of your favorite things!

Hanging of the Green
my most favorite day of the year at our home
the real "gut" kind with people you love/have history with
making both, the disposable and edible kinds
Vending Movie Rentals
Movie Cube at Kroger has all new releases for $1
Walking on the Beach
I love wet sand in my toes

Weekend Recap from J'Boro

It sounds like my sister had a fun and exciting weekend with the smoked butt, not-so-smoked ribs and the rainy trip to the zoo. Poor Anna thinking it was a circus place...she cracks me up and is SOOOOO my child. Anyway, I can't report on a smoked butt, not-so-smoked ribs nor a rainy trip to the zoo/circus. We kept it pretty quiet this weekend in our little apartment.
We looked for a house (no such luck...the housing market is the pits in J'boro...inflated, BIG time), hiked at Craighead Forest, shopped for walking/running shoes and workout shorts (SCORE...good buys), visited the Starbucks in Target (my not so fav store) because that is the only real Starbucks in J'boro (unreal, really), watched a few movies from the Movie Cube (we love the vending machine movie invention), Scrapbooked a tad bit and witnessed a fabulous fireworks display in our new town from our car in the Curves parking lot (we love avoiding crowds).
I hope your weekend was restful, fun and happy.


Saturday, July 5, 2008

What we did today

Would you like to know what we did today?
Of course you would!!!
We headed to Little Rock to the zoo, with a stop off for a picnic lunch. Stephen stopped at KFC(which is a restaurant I try not to step foot in. Not because the food isn't good-it is good-but because I have never been in a clean KFC), and got their chicken wings. Man were they good! They have all the spice of a hot chicken wing, but none of the mess. I highly recommend them. Just go thru the drivethru to get them.
We then were off to the zoo. Anna had never been to a zoo before. She thought the zoo had clowns (she had it confused with the circus), how sad is that-she's 4. I could be a horrible mother for that. D & D hadn't been to a zoo since they were 2 and that day was a memory I don't want to ever relive! (Right Abby Jo?)
So, off we go to the zoo. We weren't there 30 minutes and heard thunder. And yes, it rained and rained and rained. We got so tired of sitting in the cafe and waiting for it to stop raining that we got out and looked at the animals in the rain. Some of them were actually glad to see us. I think they wanted to see what humans looked like that weren't smart enough to get out of the rain!
All the kids loved the zoo. It isn't a very impressive zoo, but if you haven't been to one in 5 years, or EVER, then it looks pretty good. I of course loved the elephants (it's in my blood), and the kids loved the grizzly bear( which is also in my blood!) We had a good family day.
Somedays I agree with people that think 4 children is too many, but not today. Today 4 children seemed just the right amount. Seeing smiles, hearing laughter, and hearing "I love you Mom" being said just because on of them walked up next to me, what can get better than that times 4? NOTHING!!!!!

A short synopsis of yesterday:
bbq disaster in the storm, no ribs to eat, only smoked butt(that if my dad had had a smoker he would have taught us how to fix), thunder, lightning, and blowing rain at the pool, no beans, great fireworks in our yard! Wish you could have been here for all that, you would have laughed your socks off and maybe even your shoes!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th!

It feels so good to be back among you blog readers! I felt like I wasn't whole without the internet.
How can that be? I mean, I just got it at the house in January, and now when I am without it for 2 days(really just 1 day &3/4) I don't feel whole?
I read this one blog and she has taken the summer off from the computer. More power to her, but I love this thing! I love sharing my thoughts and weird family happenings with you, even though I don't know who you are because NO ONE COMMENTS ON MY POSTS!!!!
I have thought about this and cannot come up with a good reason except that people that read this blog don't relate to me and all my musings. Well, all I have to say about that is
TOO BAD!! Now that I have started this, I can't quit!
Nothing has really changed since the last time I was here. Today (the 4th), we are smoking a butt and some ribs, making ice cream and, yes you guessed it, going to the pool. The kids just aren't tired of it, and the back of my legs aren't as dark as the front of my legs! So, we will go to the pool.
Happy 4th ya'll

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Here's to 50 Years, Sassy & Skip!

Right... this is not actually the happy couple.
Though, Sassy's hair can do a fab' beehive!
Mrs. Carolyn and Skip were married 50 years ago today.
Congrats to the two of you lovebirds.
You have come along way from the farm.
Here's to 50 more!


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Welcome, Molly Claire

Here is our birthday girl (Mawmaw) holding our new cousin, Molly Claire B.
She is so PRECIOUS!
Congrats, Sa & made another pretty baby girl!

Happy Birthday, Mawmaw

What a lady!
We love you the BIGGEST much!
Julia & Abby