Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Sunshiny Kind of Day

She hugs the side of the pool as though she is going to die,
just like I used to do.

We walked to the pool together. This is what we looked like ( minus me)
I love Sambo's shirt and Anna's little prissy self, as usual.
Yes, D & D are absent from these pictures. They were at their baseball trophy presentation. Some things are just more important than a trophy! Daniel said he plays baseball just to get a trophy. Smart kid, he is.
I wish I had taken a picture of Anna when we got a snowcone Saturday night.
She loves to put on any old thing to play around the house. She had on a shirt that had fruit type images all over it and a pair of multicolored striped leggings. She was looking good, let me tell ya. It was so funny. She could not find her hot pink flip-flops so she got in the van with her pink and purple rubber boots on over her leggings. It was a sight to see. She is never short on entertainment.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Abby is coming!

Last night Abby called to say that she was going to get to come for David's baptism. I was so exicted!!
Molly, Randall's stepmom and a friend of ours from Augusta, called and offered to foot Abby's gas bill so she could come and represent the two of them. What a wonderful gift. Not only to Abby but I think more so for David. Aunt Abby will be there for his special day and it will be because of Molly who has loved him since he was 6 months old. Thanks Molly!!!

Change of subject:
Yesterday at the pool Daniel was sitting beside me and broke our silence with this bit of wisdom
"Mom, do you think the 9 foot end is the shallow end to God?"
I hope he always realizes that God is bigger than anything. ANYTHING! He always has been and He always will be. Amen!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The pool is open!

Hey everyone!

The pool is open and we are so excited about it!!!

Monday was the big day, and the kids started asking "how long until we swim" at 7:05. Well, it didn't open until 1:00! So it was 6 hours of asking and me telling them to go look at the clock. I was so ready for the pool to open.

This year I bought a new sunscreen. It said it was a clear no-rub spray. I thought this was the greatest idea. Last year I had a pump spray sunscreen that I had to rub in on each of the children, but this one didn't require rubbing it in. I was so excited!!I sprayed it on everyone and we all had a great time.

David and Daniel got sunburned on their shoulders but it wasn't bad. Tuesday we went to the pool, I sprayed on the clear no-rub spray and realized that I was out. OUT! I had used it 3 times. It cost $7.00!!! I didn't have any left for the 3:00 reapply. Imagine my dismay!!!

You see, I have a history of getting sunburned. It is one of the things Stephen remembers vividly about me in high school. Oh, if only memories could be erased!

So, I try to be so careful and not let my kids get sunburned, because I think it somehow seems as if I don't care if my children get burned and in turn get horrible ugly-looking skin. Which is not at all the truth.

Stephen came by the pool before the 3:00 reapply/break time and I told him of my sunscreen dilemma so he went to the store and got the sunscreen from last year. It is trustworthy and it works.

But only when you use it!!!

Samuel decided he didn't want me to apply sunscreen to him, so he did it himself, and forgot major areas of his body. A painful lesson was learned! (thankfully I have not taken a picture or I would feel compelled to post it and then I would be taken to court for being a bad mom)

Anna is doing much better at the pool this year. Last year she had tea parties on the pool steps (hindering anyone from getting into the pool from that way) with Trent the life guard, but this year (due to peer pressure) she is walking around in the shallow end of the pool. I am so proud, but it also requires me to get in the pool. I'm a much better sunbather than swimmer.

If any of you are in our area this summer we would love for you to be our guest at the pool. We'll have snacks for you, and most importantly-SUNSCREEN!


Monday, May 26, 2008


May 25, 2008-A great day in our family.

David was saved yesterday. We are so excited!
After church yesterday he told Stephen he was ready to be saved. So when we got home they talked. Stephen asked him questions to know if he was really ready. They read scripture so that David would know what the Bible said about salvation and baptism. And then David repented of his sins and prayed that Jesus would become the Lord of his life. What a precious moment.

We have been praying for this since David was kicking the daylights out of my right side, and causing me all sorts of unnecessary pain while I was so lovingly carrying him so that he would be a healthy baby. And that prayer has been answered. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stephen will get the honor and privilege of baptising him Sunday morning. With gas prices being as high as they are, some of our family will be unable to attend. We will miss them at this wonderdful moment for David, but we will still celebrate this awesome occasion.

For me, knowing that my child (children) is a Christian is such a relief. It is a prayer answered, and a burden lifted. We will be together FOREVER. I am so excited! This is one step closer to our dream coming true(just 2 more to go!).

I know that just because we are a preachers family it doesn't insure that our children will accept Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, but I pray that they will and that they will live a life pleasing to Him.
Thank you Lord, for knocking on David's heart's door and answering him when he called out to you. I love You so much!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

If You Start To Faint...Holler

These are the words I just spoke to my overworked husband, as he came to the back door covered in sweat wanting water. God love that man! Pray for his strength, if he happens to cross your mind in the coming weeks. He is burning the wick at both ends and I am so proud of him, yet exhausted for him.

Well, it has been a while since I posted. Life is moving in fast forward and I don't always have access to a computer or Internet. In fact, not sure when I will have it after today. So, be prepared to be reading all about Jules because there will be very little of me for a while. Don't be sad...I will be back!

Last week we found a tiny little new townhouse to rent month to month until we decide on a house. The owner was nice enough to not make us sign a lease. Anyway, our house has not been shown in over two weeks and that is a huge thorn in the ole rump, as you can imagine. We live about 20 miles from Memfricia and we fear the gas prices are keeping people from looking out in the sticks. God is in control of this house and He knows who the buyer is and when they will come along. I rest in that.

Living in another home means splitting our belongings in two. If you know me, you know I am a tad OCD when it comes to my home (ok, that is putting it lightly). I am being humbled, to say the least. We are going to be living like college students until the house sells. We are trying to keep the house staged as best as we can while taking enough stuff out of it to live in another place. CRAZY, is the best way to describe it. I just long for the feeling of "home" again...I miss that comfort.

If you know me well, you know my LOVE for dishes and all things kitchen. Because his company will pay to move our belongings when we sell the house, I don't want to pack up too this townhouse is very little. So, I am using the dreadful John Deere dishes for 4 that my sweet Rand registered for at Wal-Mart when we were engaged. I think it has been used 2 times.(Diana, I know you love it and will want to come eat a sandwich off of it, so come on over!) So, no one can accuse of me not sacrificing...this is a HUGE sacrifice, people. I never knew how much I loved my Fiestaware until now.

I have a few irons in the fire when it comes to employment. Praise be! These last 3 weeks of being a lady of leisure has about driven me to the nut house. Boredom and sitting still is not my bag. I am hopeful that one of these jobs on my horizon will pan out and I will be back to contributing to the Gross National Product very soon. Pray that the right door will open, if you think of me in the next few weeks.

Now you are up to date on the Randman and me. It is an insane ride right now, but we will make it and be stronger people because of it. Have a great long weekend and I will post again when I get Internet access.


Friday, May 23, 2008

A different kind of sadness

We have been dreading this day since the end of last year.
Ethan, Samuel's best friend in town, and his family have been called to be missionairies in South America. When we first found out about their impending move we didn't tell Samuel, knowing that it would break his heart. And we were right, it broke his heart.
Samuel knows about moving, he has moved 4 times in his 10 years, but that doesn't make it any easier to deal with. He also knows about moving where God has called you, but that doesn't make it any easier to deal with when you are 10.
Last weekend we had to drive past moving trucks at Ethan's house and that made all of us sad. They are moving to another town in state for a year before they leave for their mission assignment. But since this is the last week of school, after they moved all their possesions to their temporary home, they came back here for a few days for us to enjoy them. Ethan has been playing at our house last week and spent his last night with us.
This morning when he said bye, I cried. Samuel cried and David cried. David has such a tender heart. They didn't always get along, there is a 4 year age difference, but David is going to miss him.
I told Samuel about the time when my best friend,Kelly moved to Jonesboro and how terribly sad that made me. I remember crying and wanting to go with them. But 10 years later, when I was married I moved to Jonesboro and was able to spend some time with her and enjoy her again. And 15 years after that, my sister has moved to Jonesboro and is friends with Kelly's mother.
Now I know that Samuel might not be able to move to Guatamala but in 10 of 25 years, he might get to spend time with Ethan again. And we will look back on this day, and remember the sadness we felt, but we won't feel that sadness like we do today.
We'll miss you, and we're excited about the new adventure God has called you to.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


My heart is so heavy and sad right now.
The daughter of one of our favorite singers was killed yesterday in a tragic accident. Steven Curtis Chapman's 5-year old daughter was hit in their driveway by her older brother.
I cannot imagine the agony they are experiencing at this time, the loss of their daughter and the pain and suffering of their son.
I can imagine God's love for them at this time though. He is loving them and pulling them close to His side.
For those of you who don't know who SCC is, he is a most wonderful Christian musician. Stephen sang one of his songs to me at our wedding, we have seen him in concert a couple of times(the Memphis trip is a most memorable one). His songs never fail to speak to me. His song Cinderella is popular right now and in fact is on our playlist. Anna calls it "my song" .
If you are so inclined, pray for the Chapman family. has a wonderful post concerning this. Go over and read it, it will get you to thinking.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Let's Dance

As you know from reading this, my life is in the heat of transition. Thank goodness My Rand is here to walk with me as God leads us on the wildest journey we have been on in our six years together.
To many, my Rand comes across as reserved and a tad bit jaded...and maybe sarcastic. Let me tell ya, it is all an act. For those of you who really know him, you know he is never short on humor. He is also very sensitive to others needs, aware, intelligent, disciplined, not afraid to break a sweat, most loving, convicted, and the best money manger I know.
I am always in the bed before him each night catching a quick read. When he comes to bed, he checks his alarm 2 times. On the 2nd time, he leaves whatever song is on the station (it is hip-hop music, most of the time) and turns it up and then we have Dance Party. We see who can dance the fastest and the best. It is hilarious and it usually results in someone running into one of the 4 posters or knocking a knee on the side frame of the bed. We always have bruises because of Dance Party. The wounds are worth it.
Ok, some of you are like "What, way!" Way. Get to know him better and see for yourself. Did you think I would marry someone who didn't know how to have stupid fun!?
Anyway, I have found this piano bar in Jonesboro. I told Randall about it and said we should take Dance Party to the public. He told me we can't! Sad times. He said this town is too small to be on committees at the Baptist church and then dancing at the piano bar on Saturday nights. He said we would be run out of town, real quick...and we just got here! So, I choose to be a good Baptist girl and keep Dance Party at home. ( I know Mawmaw... we should become Methodist's. They do have more fun!)
Last night I had a grand idea as I sat here contemplating my new home ( wherever and whatever it may be) and decided we will dance in that new home. We will give Dance Party its own special space. This home must have a great back porch, sun room or deck so we can dance at sundown. Rand laughed at my idea but liked it, I think. I want to dance more often and not just when the alarm test is going on. I want my kids to grow up watching us dance and have fun.
I never knew I liked the way dancing felt until Rand did his first Running Man & Roger Rabbit to the alarm test when we moved to Mississippi. I love that he has taught me to dance and enjoy the simple things.
Oh, and we are still dancing in our temporary housing, but it is now classic rock & roll on the dial.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Another Anna story

I know, it seems like every thing I write is about Miss Anna. But as I was pondering that, I realized that it isn't as fun to write about the things 10 year olds and 7 year olds do as it is 4 year olds. So, I am telling you a few more things about Miss Anna.

I may have mentioned it a few times, but not lately I'm pretty sure, Miss Anna has been a booger to potty train. We have been at this for 1 year and 4 months. We have done everything we knew to do. We took advice from loved ones, strangers, books, and our own imaginations and nothing worked. Well, 2 weeks ago, something "clicked" in her little head and she has had 1 accident in 2 weeks! HALLELUJAH!!!! I tried not to act too excited but I can hardly keep from screaming at the top of my lungs. Ya'll this has been a L-O-N-G battle, and I thought for sure I had lost. But (as we Davis girls know) we never back down from a fight. Unfortunately, Miss Anna is also a Davis girl, so we were both in it for the long haul. I'm so proud of her, and she is equally as proud(or at least I let her think it is equal-it isn't-I'm WAY prouder than she is!!!)

This weekend Anna and I went to a homeschool convention. I took Samuel with me to Searcy and a friend of his from the town we used to live in picked him up for the 24 hours we were going to be in the area. He had such a great time!!!
Anyway, Friday night Anna and I went to see a church member(from our old church) graduate from high school. Anna has not seen any of the people from that church since Oct 2006, she was 2 1/2, therefore she doesn't remember much. But Oh, do they remember her. There was one special man in her life while we were at that church. He kept her in the nursery, she sat with him in church, he babysat her, and well, just loved her to pieces. She loved him just as much, but with age has forgotten him just a little. Well, they met up Friday night and I almost cried. In fact, if I tell the truth, I did cry when we left. It was the sweetest thing to see the 2 of them together. She keeps talking about her "friend, Mike". We mustn't ever go that long without seeing each other again! Deb, do you hear me?
Ok, so we are at the convention and I have to shop for books at the used book sale and I also have to work the book sale, so from 11:30-3:30 Anna has to sit on the bleachers and entertain herself. I was a little nervous, but can I tell you that she was EXCELLENT!!! I was so impressed with her. She was a trooper, I keep telling her how good she acted. I didn't even have to bribe her with anything, she was just GOOD on her own. Oh, how I love this girl.

So, tonight Stephen comes home from a mission trip to Kansas where 92 people were saved. 92!!! Wow, our God is good!!! So, after church the 6 of us go to our local mexican restaurant, because we love it so much-the fajita nachos are the best! Anna and I share an order and after we get through the biggest portion of them she says" I need to throw up". I said, "how would you know what that feels like? You haven't thrown up in a long time". And I continue to ignore her until Stephen says"go ahead and take her to the bathroom". We get to the bathroom and it is locked. When the door opens, and the girl walks out (she works there-thank heavens!)-Anna throws up! I mean-throws up! It was ugly!!! I had to give her a sink bath right there in the bathroom at Los Toritos. I had to take Daniel's shirt off of him so that Anna could have something to wear out of the bathroom through the restaurant. He was so embarrassed! Anna thanked him for sharing, it was a sweet thing to say! One of the boys asked Anna if she puked, and she said" no, I threw up". The differences in boys and girls-how fun.

Well, I have taken up enough of your time with Anna stories, hope you have enjoyed them!!
Good night!!


Friday, May 16, 2008

We Have "People"!

Another reason why I am glad we have moved to Jonesboro, Diana & Rick (read past post). They are our "People". (The "People" is an elite group, in case you are unaware of this special label. It is good to be "People". You have to be family to be "People".). Leaving Memfricia has meant leaving lots of "People" and that makes us sad. Having Diana & Rick close makes the move a little easier. These precious "People" farm about an hour from here and come into town to shop, eat, etc. We will get to see them a lot more and that makes my heart ever so happy!

Diana is one of my most faithful blog readers and one of my most favorite people. She loves me like crazy and doesn't have to and I like that a lot! She is into her sewing these days and has already made our future baby (AND NO, I am NOT pregnant) the cutest blankets, lovies, bibs, etc. She just bought an embroidery machine too....I can hardly wait! We share a lot of the same interests, have the same love language and we both love the Randman a whole bunch.
We just got in from eating with them and walking the mall. It is so nice to be with the ones we love after a long/stressful day of transition. Thanks guys, we love you lots and are so glad we will get to see you more often!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Lime Wedge

My heart is full today as I sit in our waiting room (our corporate apt) as we move forward in our new life in J'boro. My hubby came home to a home cooked meal at a normal time tonight and I got to eat lunch with my Mama's dear old friend and our neighbor, Sue and her daughter, Kelly.

I love that when we saw one another we smiled and hugged like 25 years had not seperated us. The first thing Mrs. Sue mentioned was the memory of me crawling in her hubby's lap when I was little, laying my head on his chest, putting my thumb in my mouth and grabbing his ear lobe. (If you did not know me as a small child...I loved earlobes!) It is so nice to have history with someone in a new place. It is also a real nice comfort to know that my only friends here know my background, my "people", my faith and love that I am here. I am also SO proud Mrs. Sue was aware of my love for the lime wedge from reading this blog and looks forward to making room for a lime in her kitchen for me!

Tell your faithful friends how much you appreciate them and how much you cherish the simple things they do for the lime wedge.

Thanks, Mrs. Sue & Kelly for showing me the town today!


The Soundtrack of Our Lives

Is my sister the best or what?
She has added music, and she has outdone herself. Turn your speakers up and enjoy!!!!

I love these songs. They bring such fun memories to mind. Memories of driving to Memphis with Abby, of Daddy singing "my" song(Julie, Do you love me?), of high school, of singing with my mom, of singing loudly in the car. Memories of just how much Abby loved Lionel Richie! It is amazing what music can do. It can transport you right back to the time when you first heard the song. It can put you in the same mood you were in then, even if it was over 23 years ago.

The song One Touch by Nicole C. Mullen is my new favorite song. It is about the story in the Bible that talks about the woman who had had an issue of blood for many years. She had enough faith to go into a crowd of people where Jesus was, because she believed that Jesus had enough power that if she just touched His clothing she would be healed. Can you even imagine the faith that took? When she touched Him, He turned, He had felt the power leave His body and wanted to know who had touched Him. It is the greatest example(in my opinion) of a persons faith and Jesus' great power to heal.
Nicole C. Mullen sang this song at the Women of Faith conference I went to in April. I was blown away by her performance. I couldn't believe someone had actually written a song about my favorite Bible story, I was so excited. The kids and I now listen to this song all the time!!
Thank you Abby Jo, you just made my day! I love you!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Burnt Popcorn

Nothing like it in a 250 square foot apartment with one window, thanks to a real fine furnished microwave. The cleaning lady is due any minute and I know she is going to love my aroma today! (She better mop this week or she is really going to be loving the angry side of me) Oh me, $1,300 a month for this fine living space, I might add. Can you tell I am a bit bitter about the space and the price?! Oh yeah, I am not paying for it so why Should I care, but I do. I am a nice, honest person, I reckon. I just know my house note is cheaper than this and that just seems a bit insane to me when I compare the two. (my microwave also doesn't burn popcorn) I am enjoying the journey, none the less. Yesterday was a test all day. Poor Rand helped me pass the test with a good pep talk last night when he got home (Yes, we are trying to refer to this place as home). I am glad I am on this road with him.

This morning I found a Walmart gift card with $21 on it in my wallet from something I returned last fall. Hot diggity-dog! I have spent it already and it is just mid-morning. Oh, the life of leisure. I have a new cute straw purse and a workout DVD and the rest of the day is a canvas - a burnt popcorn scented canvas, that is!


Sunday, May 11, 2008

Roses are Red

This cutie appeared on my back porch.
He was enjoying the smell behind his ears while he weed-eated.

Wouldn't Granny be proud?

My Rand planted a rose bush for me when we moved into our house 4 years ago. It is an Oklahoma Rose (He tells people I am from Oklahoma. It is a cruel joke and so it was most fitting it be the name of my rose bush). It has never done much or been much of a beaut. We came to our summer home (we now refer to our house in Mississippi as our summer home) this week from J'Boro and it looks like it has been on steroids! It is huge and the whole yard smells like roses. Why is it that it decided to get all pretty and big when we are in the process of relocating?! So, par for our course, really. (If truth were to be told...I think my card carrying Chemical Boy spilled something not available in stores in the yard last fall and caused the recent rose growth spurt.)

This is officially the last time to do yard work in Mississippi. We thought last time was, but he got one last chance to enjoy riding the Cub on his 1.6 acres of thick Bermuda he seeded himself 4 summers ago. God love this sweet man of mine!

The next few weeks are critical for us as we decide where we will live. Pray our house sells soon and that we can find a house that screams "home" to us or settle on a lease for a short term. Together, we are very picky about our home, so this rushed buying process is not fun. We appreciate you lifting us up in your prayers. We often feel as though we are riding on the wings of a prayer, so thank you.

Happy Mother's Day, again!

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day!
My day started before 7:00. The boys all came in my room with cards. David and Daniel made their cards, and Samuel bought his card (but forgot to sign it, I didn't say anything, no need to make him feel bad.)

They bought me a purse last week at a yard sale down the street. It had never been used, so it was in excellent condition and they got it for only 50 cents, so it was quite a deal. I will take it to church with me today. It is cute green paisley and you know how I love paisley!!!

After the presents and cards were over with, Daniel came back in the room with a tie around his neck, a towel over his arm and his civil war hat on and wanted to know what I wanted for breakfast-these were my choices: cereal, poptart, or marshmallows. I chose cereal with a side of marshmallow. I mean how could I turn down marshmallows for breakfast?!

My plate came and I got 4 marshmallows-I hit the mother load!!! Have you ever eaten cereal while there are pickles on your plate? It is a strange thing. The smell of pickles invading your nose while you are eating sweet captain crunch. (Last time they brought me breakfast in bed I had olives on my plate.) My plate also had pickles on it, and in the pickles I found the sweetest message. Can you figure the message out? Some of you can I know!
The numbers 1 4 3 mean I love you. The 1 is for I(one letter), the 4 is for love (4 letters) and the 3 is for you(3 letters). What a sweet thing for my boys to do. I have never received a message in pickles before, but this one was really special. My Grandmother Cookie would have been so proud of my children for doing this for me today. I believe she was the maker of the 1 4 3 in our family. She was a great example of a mother. Loving, kind and caring and so much more, I miss her today.
It is a good day here, I hope it is a good day where you are.
Happy Mother's Day Mom. I love you!!!
Happy Mother's Day Mamaw. I love you!!!
Happy Mother's Day to my aunts. I love you!!!
Happy Mother's Day to my sister, you aren't a mother yet, but you have the potential!!! I love you!!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Mother's Day, Mama & Mom

National Scrapbook Day 2003

We love you the Biggest much!
Thanks for being our beautiful, strong, God-fearing mother.

Mama, I love you tons - Abby Jo
Mom, I love you more than Abby does - Julia Kathryn
Kathy replies, "Oh girls, quit it!!! No need to fight over the love!"

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hump Day Randomness

My Iris' are beautiful this year.
The fertilizer and rain have made them multiply. I hope someone falls in love with them soon and wants them for their own.

Scrapbooking Easter pictures, makes me all hippity-hoppity inside.
I am doing an Easter album like some do Christmas albums. I am taking an Easter subject and writing a page about it and putting a few pics (new and old) on the page, the Easter dress, The Easter eggs, The Easter egg hunt, The Easter basket, the Easter lunch, and of course my famous 2007 Easter wreck.

The trash fairy makes my life so much easier.
My neighbor, Mr. Garry, has been taking my trash down the drive (the 100 yard driveway made of gravel, I might add...Whew!) and bringing it back up for about a month now. I love that! I will miss that man.

Peterson's rocks!
It is a dump/hole in the wall in J'boro that is a overstock/flea market type place and I love it! I got gift bags with tissue in them for 30 cents and a groovy pair of earrings for a $1. Buys like these make an unemployed girl happy.

A Swiffer and a mop are not the same.
I don't care what you say. It is not the same. The house cleaner (more like the cracker jack box cleaner) in J'Boro needs to learn this lesson but I doubt she reads, I will move on.

The Peepster loved a Polaroid.
And scrapbooking those pictures is just plain wrong! My Peepaw had a drawer full of camera's back before ammature photography was all the rage. We are talking 1970 & 1980's when Polaroid's were cool. That was his hobby/ his thing and we have lots of those precious pictures in our possession. I love that he captured everything , yet I just hate what happens when you crop them....not scrapbook friendly, that is for sure.

Decorating Cents.
I am loving being a desperate housewife/lady of leisure and being able to view this great show every afternoon at 1:30 on HGTV. It is soooo my thing and I love to get new ideas.

Monday, May 5, 2008

A Perfect Day

By nature I am a planner, an organizer and a typical Type A person. Right now I am living in a world where I would be foolish to plan and being organized while living in 2 places is near impossible. Yes, I could resort to having panic attacks, fits of rage, or even curl up in a ball and suck my thumb, but I am not resorting to any of that. God's grace is sufficient enough for me and His will is perfect.

As I sit at this beautiful state park in the middle of a work day, in this new place I will soon call home, I am thanking God for this perfect day. No one looked at my house today, no house was found here for us to call home, no one called me for an interview and no new jobs came up on the radar. Yet I sit at this park with a notebook, a pen and perfect peace and thank God for this perfect day.

I quote Phil 1:6 and look forward to tomorrow!


Random Thoughts

I was sitting here and came up with a few things I thought would be fun to share.

** David just asked Daniel if he wanted to play outside. This is how the conversation went:
"David, want to go play outside?"
Did you get that? David called Daniel David-his own name! I don't feel nearly as bad as I usually do when I call them the wrong name!

** My ipod has these songs/CD's on it:
WOW-the 90's disc 1 and 2
Dallas Holm-The Early Works
Sanctuary-Michael English
Phillips Craig and Dean-Let the Worshippers Arise
Steven Curtis Chapman-All About Love
Sunday!-Tree63 (what does that name mean?)
3 songs from Newworldson (who I happen to think is the funnest group right now!)
David Crowder Band

** My ipod will soon have these songs on it:
Chicago 17 ( I absolutely cannot wait for this!!!!)
Heart from 1985 (oh, the memories)
Boston-More than a Feeling (oh my goodness-the memories!!)

** I think from the above two items I am indeed a child of the 80's and might need to be

** Today the 6 of us went to Walmart to grocery shop, bought 2 Little Ceasars $5 pizzas,
went to the park and watched 3 old guys fly their remote control airplanes. If that isn't
dorky enough, we clapped for them when they landed. We are a family of dorks. And sadly,
I'm pretty sure we are proud of it!

** For the next 3 days you can order a free 8X10 at Walgreens using the code 4mom, I did this
and sent one to my in-laws. It is about time I do something nice for those people, they
do nice things for me all the time!

** I think I'm am going to church camp with our youth group the first week of June. When I
get back I will leave for Indy the next day for the SBC convention. Both of these weeks I
will be childless. Stephen is a little worried that I won't do very well, but I am trying to
assure him that I need to have the feeling of "I can't wait to see my kids." I think it will
be good for all of us!

** I can't think of anything else that I should write about. I think those are enough random
thoughts for today. Maybe more later!!!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Jesus in Awesome

I was checking some blogs I like to read today and noticed that the last time we posted anything was Wednesday and that is just too long (that and Chip telling me that it had been a while!). So I shall come up with something funny and amusing to share with you.

Today I was getting the kool-aid mustache off of Anna's upper lip(put plain ol' toothpaste on a wet washcloth and rub, and it miraculously comes off-amazing!!), apparently I was rubbing a little too hard because she said "Don't rub my head off or Jesus will have to give me a new head!" She gives Jesus a lot of credit for things I'm not so sure He wants credit for. Like the other day when I told her to go to the bathroom and she told Samuel that Jesus hadn't put any poop in her. I realize that Jesus is awesome and capable of anything but Anna might just be pressing her luck there!

While we are on the subject of Jesus, let me share with you about our seniors this year. Our church held a banquet for our graduating seniors (there were 8 of them) last night and today we honored them with a slide show(are they still called that?) and announcement of their accomplishments and a Bible. This group of seniors is really great! There are 6 boys and 2 girls, 5 of the boys are Eagle Scouts. They all received various scholarships and are headed off to four different colleges. I am so honored to have known these kids. The love they have for their families, their church, their pastors wife(which is the most important to love! LOL!!), and God should be an inspiration for us all. They have overcome many odds this year and still have seen themselves quite successful. I am so proud of Samuel, Seth (they are twins), Randall, Megan, Julian, Laura Ann, Johnathan and Kyle. I use each of you as examples to my children, thank you for being so transparent to our family and so kind to my children. Please continue to be good examples, just because you are going to college doesn't mean we aren't watching you! We will be!!!!
Please continue to pray for Abby and Randall as they look for a house, try to sell theirs and as Abby looks for a job.