Monday, May 19, 2008

Let's Dance

As you know from reading this, my life is in the heat of transition. Thank goodness My Rand is here to walk with me as God leads us on the wildest journey we have been on in our six years together.
To many, my Rand comes across as reserved and a tad bit jaded...and maybe sarcastic. Let me tell ya, it is all an act. For those of you who really know him, you know he is never short on humor. He is also very sensitive to others needs, aware, intelligent, disciplined, not afraid to break a sweat, most loving, convicted, and the best money manger I know.
I am always in the bed before him each night catching a quick read. When he comes to bed, he checks his alarm 2 times. On the 2nd time, he leaves whatever song is on the station (it is hip-hop music, most of the time) and turns it up and then we have Dance Party. We see who can dance the fastest and the best. It is hilarious and it usually results in someone running into one of the 4 posters or knocking a knee on the side frame of the bed. We always have bruises because of Dance Party. The wounds are worth it.
Ok, some of you are like "What, way!" Way. Get to know him better and see for yourself. Did you think I would marry someone who didn't know how to have stupid fun!?
Anyway, I have found this piano bar in Jonesboro. I told Randall about it and said we should take Dance Party to the public. He told me we can't! Sad times. He said this town is too small to be on committees at the Baptist church and then dancing at the piano bar on Saturday nights. He said we would be run out of town, real quick...and we just got here! So, I choose to be a good Baptist girl and keep Dance Party at home. ( I know Mawmaw... we should become Methodist's. They do have more fun!)
Last night I had a grand idea as I sat here contemplating my new home ( wherever and whatever it may be) and decided we will dance in that new home. We will give Dance Party its own special space. This home must have a great back porch, sun room or deck so we can dance at sundown. Rand laughed at my idea but liked it, I think. I want to dance more often and not just when the alarm test is going on. I want my kids to grow up watching us dance and have fun.
I never knew I liked the way dancing felt until Rand did his first Running Man & Roger Rabbit to the alarm test when we moved to Mississippi. I love that he has taught me to dance and enjoy the simple things.
Oh, and we are still dancing in our temporary housing, but it is now classic rock & roll on the dial.


Anonymous said...

I am a bit surprised but hey if it works go with it. I love to dance and I was raised a Baptist. What can I say, I guess some of us are born with a little Dance Party in our systems.
Love you lots,

mrspburton said...

i love it! David tries to sing really loud for me...and it ain't pretty.