Monday, May 26, 2008


May 25, 2008-A great day in our family.

David was saved yesterday. We are so excited!
After church yesterday he told Stephen he was ready to be saved. So when we got home they talked. Stephen asked him questions to know if he was really ready. They read scripture so that David would know what the Bible said about salvation and baptism. And then David repented of his sins and prayed that Jesus would become the Lord of his life. What a precious moment.

We have been praying for this since David was kicking the daylights out of my right side, and causing me all sorts of unnecessary pain while I was so lovingly carrying him so that he would be a healthy baby. And that prayer has been answered. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stephen will get the honor and privilege of baptising him Sunday morning. With gas prices being as high as they are, some of our family will be unable to attend. We will miss them at this wonderdful moment for David, but we will still celebrate this awesome occasion.

For me, knowing that my child (children) is a Christian is such a relief. It is a prayer answered, and a burden lifted. We will be together FOREVER. I am so excited! This is one step closer to our dream coming true(just 2 more to go!).

I know that just because we are a preachers family it doesn't insure that our children will accept Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, but I pray that they will and that they will live a life pleasing to Him.
Thank you Lord, for knocking on David's heart's door and answering him when he called out to you. I love You so much!


Nathan and Emily said...

I am so happy to hear the wonderful news. I will pray for him as he prepares to be baptized. I know your Momma heart is thrilled!

Sisters said...

I have his cross shaped cookies with fish confetti ready to mail him for Baptism day!
I can still hear his little voice in the phone saying "Hey, Aunt Abby, I got saved!" So sweet, so sweet.
Even though I won't be there, I love him just as much as those who can afford the gas ! ha.

Anonymous said...

That is such wonderful news!