Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hump Day Randomness

My Iris' are beautiful this year.
The fertilizer and rain have made them multiply. I hope someone falls in love with them soon and wants them for their own.

Scrapbooking Easter pictures, makes me all hippity-hoppity inside.
I am doing an Easter album like some do Christmas albums. I am taking an Easter subject and writing a page about it and putting a few pics (new and old) on the page, the Easter dress, The Easter eggs, The Easter egg hunt, The Easter basket, the Easter lunch, and of course my famous 2007 Easter wreck.

The trash fairy makes my life so much easier.
My neighbor, Mr. Garry, has been taking my trash down the drive (the 100 yard driveway made of gravel, I might add...Whew!) and bringing it back up for about a month now. I love that! I will miss that man.

Peterson's rocks!
It is a dump/hole in the wall in J'boro that is a overstock/flea market type place and I love it! I got gift bags with tissue in them for 30 cents and a groovy pair of earrings for a $1. Buys like these make an unemployed girl happy.

A Swiffer and a mop are not the same.
I don't care what you say. It is not the same. The house cleaner (more like the cracker jack box cleaner) in J'Boro needs to learn this lesson but I doubt she reads, I will move on.

The Peepster loved a Polaroid.
And scrapbooking those pictures is just plain wrong! My Peepaw had a drawer full of camera's back before ammature photography was all the rage. We are talking 1970 & 1980's when Polaroid's were cool. That was his hobby/ his thing and we have lots of those precious pictures in our possession. I love that he captured everything , yet I just hate what happens when you crop them....not scrapbook friendly, that is for sure.

Decorating Cents.
I am loving being a desperate housewife/lady of leisure and being able to view this great show every afternoon at 1:30 on HGTV. It is soooo my thing and I love to get new ideas.


Anonymous said...

Girl, have fun while you are waiting for that job, it will be soon, I bet. I love it that you are so sweet and cheerful. You make my day...lovey, Mammaw

cindy said...

How about doing some color consulting work on the side? I'm still looking for that perfect kitchen color!! Any help - send my way..
Have fun during your hiatus, I'm so jealous of the free time ;-)