Thursday, May 29, 2008

The pool is open!

Hey everyone!

The pool is open and we are so excited about it!!!

Monday was the big day, and the kids started asking "how long until we swim" at 7:05. Well, it didn't open until 1:00! So it was 6 hours of asking and me telling them to go look at the clock. I was so ready for the pool to open.

This year I bought a new sunscreen. It said it was a clear no-rub spray. I thought this was the greatest idea. Last year I had a pump spray sunscreen that I had to rub in on each of the children, but this one didn't require rubbing it in. I was so excited!!I sprayed it on everyone and we all had a great time.

David and Daniel got sunburned on their shoulders but it wasn't bad. Tuesday we went to the pool, I sprayed on the clear no-rub spray and realized that I was out. OUT! I had used it 3 times. It cost $7.00!!! I didn't have any left for the 3:00 reapply. Imagine my dismay!!!

You see, I have a history of getting sunburned. It is one of the things Stephen remembers vividly about me in high school. Oh, if only memories could be erased!

So, I try to be so careful and not let my kids get sunburned, because I think it somehow seems as if I don't care if my children get burned and in turn get horrible ugly-looking skin. Which is not at all the truth.

Stephen came by the pool before the 3:00 reapply/break time and I told him of my sunscreen dilemma so he went to the store and got the sunscreen from last year. It is trustworthy and it works.

But only when you use it!!!

Samuel decided he didn't want me to apply sunscreen to him, so he did it himself, and forgot major areas of his body. A painful lesson was learned! (thankfully I have not taken a picture or I would feel compelled to post it and then I would be taken to court for being a bad mom)

Anna is doing much better at the pool this year. Last year she had tea parties on the pool steps (hindering anyone from getting into the pool from that way) with Trent the life guard, but this year (due to peer pressure) she is walking around in the shallow end of the pool. I am so proud, but it also requires me to get in the pool. I'm a much better sunbather than swimmer.

If any of you are in our area this summer we would love for you to be our guest at the pool. We'll have snacks for you, and most importantly-SUNSCREEN!



Sisters said...

I can still feel all the burns you caused me. I can still picture me in the pew at church on a summer Sunday night in my homemade romper. It was hot pink and so was my skin. Mama & Daddy came home from a trip that night and almost killed you! Crisco is not a good thing. I think you learned that lesson on that very hot evening.
You will be taking me to radiation and chemo when I get prepared!