Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Lime Wedge

My heart is full today as I sit in our waiting room (our corporate apt) as we move forward in our new life in J'boro. My hubby came home to a home cooked meal at a normal time tonight and I got to eat lunch with my Mama's dear old friend and our neighbor, Sue and her daughter, Kelly.

I love that when we saw one another we smiled and hugged like 25 years had not seperated us. The first thing Mrs. Sue mentioned was the memory of me crawling in her hubby's lap when I was little, laying my head on his chest, putting my thumb in my mouth and grabbing his ear lobe. (If you did not know me as a small child...I loved earlobes!) It is so nice to have history with someone in a new place. It is also a real nice comfort to know that my only friends here know my background, my "people", my faith and love that I am here. I am also SO proud Mrs. Sue was aware of my love for the lime wedge from reading this blog and looks forward to making room for a lime in her kitchen for me!

Tell your faithful friends how much you appreciate them and how much you cherish the simple things they do for the lime wedge.

Thanks, Mrs. Sue & Kelly for showing me the town today!



Stephanie said...

Was that the White's you ate with? OMGosh, what a blast from the past memory..if it was them if not I still had my memory. Kelly and I were great friends. I remember eating Hot Ham and Cheese sandwiches at their house. Just like the kind you could get at Hardee's. Thanks for bringing back some fun memories for me!

kathy davis said...

I love it when old friends come back in your life. Just remember that friends you make now in your life can come back later in the next generation. So cherish friends. Glad that you could have the time with Sue and Kelly. Can hardly wait to see them myself.