Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Burnt Popcorn

Nothing like it in a 250 square foot apartment with one window, thanks to a real fine furnished microwave. The cleaning lady is due any minute and I know she is going to love my aroma today! (She better mop this week or she is really going to be loving the angry side of me) Oh me, $1,300 a month for this fine living space, I might add. Can you tell I am a bit bitter about the space and the price?! Oh yeah, I am not paying for it so why Should I care, but I do. I am a nice, honest person, I reckon. I just know my house note is cheaper than this and that just seems a bit insane to me when I compare the two. (my microwave also doesn't burn popcorn) I am enjoying the journey, none the less. Yesterday was a test all day. Poor Rand helped me pass the test with a good pep talk last night when he got home (Yes, we are trying to refer to this place as home). I am glad I am on this road with him.

This morning I found a Walmart gift card with $21 on it in my wallet from something I returned last fall. Hot diggity-dog! I have spent it already and it is just mid-morning. Oh, the life of leisure. I have a new cute straw purse and a workout DVD and the rest of the day is a canvas - a burnt popcorn scented canvas, that is!



Sisters said...

Really? The straw purse is cute?


Sisters said...

Ok, it is not the straw you are picturing. Give me a break! I only buy the cutest things, don't you know?! It is a medium/large size bronze/brown ,wicker/rattan purse with a fun rounded/square shape. It looks like Aunt Babs. It is cute, no fear!

I am sure it is as cute as your 50 cent paisley purse! :)