Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Soundtrack of Our Lives

Is my sister the best or what?
She has added music, and she has outdone herself. Turn your speakers up and enjoy!!!!

I love these songs. They bring such fun memories to mind. Memories of driving to Memphis with Abby, of Daddy singing "my" song(Julie, Do you love me?), of high school, of singing with my mom, of singing loudly in the car. Memories of just how much Abby loved Lionel Richie! It is amazing what music can do. It can transport you right back to the time when you first heard the song. It can put you in the same mood you were in then, even if it was over 23 years ago.

The song One Touch by Nicole C. Mullen is my new favorite song. It is about the story in the Bible that talks about the woman who had had an issue of blood for many years. She had enough faith to go into a crowd of people where Jesus was, because she believed that Jesus had enough power that if she just touched His clothing she would be healed. Can you even imagine the faith that took? When she touched Him, He turned, He had felt the power leave His body and wanted to know who had touched Him. It is the greatest example(in my opinion) of a persons faith and Jesus' great power to heal.
Nicole C. Mullen sang this song at the Women of Faith conference I went to in April. I was blown away by her performance. I couldn't believe someone had actually written a song about my favorite Bible story, I was so excited. The kids and I now listen to this song all the time!!
Thank you Abby Jo, you just made my day! I love you!


Sisters said...

Julie, Julie do you love me reminds me of sitting in your bedroom crying the night you got married because you were gone for good. I turned the song on real loud and cried. I love that memory!

2 sets of Jones' reminds me of your Sunbird, Samuel as a baby and your 1st house in Leachville. When I hear this song I can smell you house. I love that!

When I hear Cinderella for the 1000 time each day on KLOVE, I am reminded of Anna screaming "it's my cinderella song, it's my cinderlla song!" as she twirlled around the dining room in her t-shirt and panties. It makes me smile!

Say you Say me reinds me of me when we were little and I told you I wanted this played at my funeral! How funny, but I am serious...light candles and sway in my memory!

Ok, that is enough...I could list my memory or meaning of each song, but I wish not to bore you any longer.

cindy said...

Don't forget Neil Diamond and Barry Manilow. Julie had all their hits. She definitely broadened my music horizons, and I love her for it!

Sisters said...

Tina Turner....I forgot Tina. I must add a little "What's love got to do with it" to the playlist. Do you remember me standing on a kitchen chair behind the couch on Skywood, with a hairbrush as my microphone, with my hair all "fro'd" out and lip sincing the song for Meep & Peep during one of their visits? Crack me up!

Sisters said...

Cindy, do you remember the Barry Manilow 8 Track? The memories of that old stereo.....

Sisters said...

First- I think we have ragged on me enough!

Second- Does anyone find it strange that Abby & I comment to our own blog?