Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day!
My day started before 7:00. The boys all came in my room with cards. David and Daniel made their cards, and Samuel bought his card (but forgot to sign it, I didn't say anything, no need to make him feel bad.)

They bought me a purse last week at a yard sale down the street. It had never been used, so it was in excellent condition and they got it for only 50 cents, so it was quite a deal. I will take it to church with me today. It is cute green paisley and you know how I love paisley!!!

After the presents and cards were over with, Daniel came back in the room with a tie around his neck, a towel over his arm and his civil war hat on and wanted to know what I wanted for breakfast-these were my choices: cereal, poptart, or marshmallows. I chose cereal with a side of marshmallow. I mean how could I turn down marshmallows for breakfast?!

My plate came and I got 4 marshmallows-I hit the mother load!!! Have you ever eaten cereal while there are pickles on your plate? It is a strange thing. The smell of pickles invading your nose while you are eating sweet captain crunch. (Last time they brought me breakfast in bed I had olives on my plate.) My plate also had pickles on it, and in the pickles I found the sweetest message. Can you figure the message out? Some of you can I know!
The numbers 1 4 3 mean I love you. The 1 is for I(one letter), the 4 is for love (4 letters) and the 3 is for you(3 letters). What a sweet thing for my boys to do. I have never received a message in pickles before, but this one was really special. My Grandmother Cookie would have been so proud of my children for doing this for me today. I believe she was the maker of the 1 4 3 in our family. She was a great example of a mother. Loving, kind and caring and so much more, I miss her today.
It is a good day here, I hope it is a good day where you are.
Happy Mother's Day Mom. I love you!!!
Happy Mother's Day Mamaw. I love you!!!
Happy Mother's Day to my aunts. I love you!!!
Happy Mother's Day to my sister, you aren't a mother yet, but you have the potential!!! I love you!!!


Sisters said...

They never cease to make me cry!
I love they chose that plate to do the 143 in pickles. So cool!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, on 143..and what a blessing, those sweet babies. I hope your whole day was as fun as breakfast.You are a great mom. We all love you so much. Mamaw