Monday, May 5, 2008

Random Thoughts

I was sitting here and came up with a few things I thought would be fun to share.

** David just asked Daniel if he wanted to play outside. This is how the conversation went:
"David, want to go play outside?"
Did you get that? David called Daniel David-his own name! I don't feel nearly as bad as I usually do when I call them the wrong name!

** My ipod has these songs/CD's on it:
WOW-the 90's disc 1 and 2
Dallas Holm-The Early Works
Sanctuary-Michael English
Phillips Craig and Dean-Let the Worshippers Arise
Steven Curtis Chapman-All About Love
Sunday!-Tree63 (what does that name mean?)
3 songs from Newworldson (who I happen to think is the funnest group right now!)
David Crowder Band

** My ipod will soon have these songs on it:
Chicago 17 ( I absolutely cannot wait for this!!!!)
Heart from 1985 (oh, the memories)
Boston-More than a Feeling (oh my goodness-the memories!!)

** I think from the above two items I am indeed a child of the 80's and might need to be

** Today the 6 of us went to Walmart to grocery shop, bought 2 Little Ceasars $5 pizzas,
went to the park and watched 3 old guys fly their remote control airplanes. If that isn't
dorky enough, we clapped for them when they landed. We are a family of dorks. And sadly,
I'm pretty sure we are proud of it!

** For the next 3 days you can order a free 8X10 at Walgreens using the code 4mom, I did this
and sent one to my in-laws. It is about time I do something nice for those people, they
do nice things for me all the time!

** I think I'm am going to church camp with our youth group the first week of June. When I
get back I will leave for Indy the next day for the SBC convention. Both of these weeks I
will be childless. Stephen is a little worried that I won't do very well, but I am trying to
assure him that I need to have the feeling of "I can't wait to see my kids." I think it will
be good for all of us!

** I can't think of anything else that I should write about. I think those are enough random
thoughts for today. Maybe more later!!!!


Sisters said...

Am I suppose to mail you the Boston CD & the Chicage CD? I am un aware if this is the case.
Ok, someone is playing bagpipes in this apt complex...I must go check this living in the ghetto of J'boro....calgon take me away!
Your sister