Friday, May 16, 2008

We Have "People"!

Another reason why I am glad we have moved to Jonesboro, Diana & Rick (read past post). They are our "People". (The "People" is an elite group, in case you are unaware of this special label. It is good to be "People". You have to be family to be "People".). Leaving Memfricia has meant leaving lots of "People" and that makes us sad. Having Diana & Rick close makes the move a little easier. These precious "People" farm about an hour from here and come into town to shop, eat, etc. We will get to see them a lot more and that makes my heart ever so happy!

Diana is one of my most faithful blog readers and one of my most favorite people. She loves me like crazy and doesn't have to and I like that a lot! She is into her sewing these days and has already made our future baby (AND NO, I am NOT pregnant) the cutest blankets, lovies, bibs, etc. She just bought an embroidery machine too....I can hardly wait! We share a lot of the same interests, have the same love language and we both love the Randman a whole bunch.
We just got in from eating with them and walking the mall. It is so nice to be with the ones we love after a long/stressful day of transition. Thanks guys, we love you lots and are so glad we will get to see you more often!


Anonymous said...

You must be the People's Blogger!

Anonymous said...

You are too sweet. As I have told you before, you are my niece, a friend, sister and daughter all rolled into one.How could it get any better.
Love you lots