Monday, May 5, 2008

A Perfect Day

By nature I am a planner, an organizer and a typical Type A person. Right now I am living in a world where I would be foolish to plan and being organized while living in 2 places is near impossible. Yes, I could resort to having panic attacks, fits of rage, or even curl up in a ball and suck my thumb, but I am not resorting to any of that. God's grace is sufficient enough for me and His will is perfect.

As I sit at this beautiful state park in the middle of a work day, in this new place I will soon call home, I am thanking God for this perfect day. No one looked at my house today, no house was found here for us to call home, no one called me for an interview and no new jobs came up on the radar. Yet I sit at this park with a notebook, a pen and perfect peace and thank God for this perfect day.

I quote Phil 1:6 and look forward to tomorrow!



paige burton said...

So proud of you for taking time for yourself and God. Hope you are journaling all of your feelings and current circumstances so you can look back in a few months and see where God provided and held your hand through it all!
love u

Nathan and Emily said...

I am glad to see that you are enjoying the time off while you have it. There is so much life to be lived in the "in between times." I so often miss it because I am looking toward getting the next thing done.

Lindsey Watson said...

girl, you sit right there in that park every day from now until you move to jonesboro, if you want! God is giving you this time for a reason. relish it. live in it. accept every minute for what it is - a gift from an almighty and gracious God who knows when we need a break, even when we may not think we do.

Anonymous said...

these girls have said such wise words for you. i hope you take them seriously. it is a hard time for you i know, but it is for a reason and enjoy the time off. i love you lots and want great things for you.